Friday, December 30, 2005

A Little Razz........

After getting called all-in by a player who put too much stock in his top pairs and held KQ with my pocket Kings with a rainbow flop of 7 Q 4........and he caught a Queen on the river to send me packing in the Full Tilt 16K gauranteed I saw a Razz Tourney was starting at 10:30pm........

I decided to change it up and get away from Hold Em for a little while..........

I was a HUGE chip leader at the final table and coasted to heads up where I was ultimately even with my opponent and ended up taking second. I'm thrilled with the second place finish but am a little disappointed I couldn't close the deal being a huge chip leader.......I didn't know how to alter my hand selection when it got short handed and ultimately either gave away too many chips or just started getting crappy combo's.........or a combo of both.

Special thanks goes out to the one.....the only.....Princess Maigrey for taking a few moments out to learn me how to take screen shots......THANKS! I just wish I would have asked her for some tips on playing Razz Shorthanded!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and that every has a safe and enjoyable New Year. I thought I'd make it out to Trump for some live poker this weekend but that's not going to is requiring additional time which is never a bad thing. Hopefully I'll make it out there next Friday night as the following Friday night (January 13th) I'm heading to a WSOP satellite with my Dad, brother, and soon to be brother-in-law.

Til next time.

Baz Out

Monday, December 19, 2005

Full Tilt Tourney

I have been feeling like a playing some tournaments lately so I moved a little of the bankroll over to Full Tilt to play a few along with some ring games to continue chipping away at the bonus I still have sitting there.

I played in the Sunday night guaranteed tourney at 9pm my time (it was either the $16,000 or $10,500....I can't remember which one because one started at 7pm which I planned on playing as well but we got home from my parents later than I thought we would).

When I was sat at my first table who should I see but Joe Speaker (sorry for no link but unable to from work) seated 3 to my right. I went back and forth on whether to say Hello and on what to say so as to not out him as a blogger as well as if he even knew who the hell I am anyway and before I knew it I was moved to a new table so it didn't matter at that point.

I was playing a patient solid game. Normally I have my browser up surfing the web and maybe a couple ring games going as well but I had decided I was going to focus on the tourney........I did have my First Place Chicago Bears game on as I watch them every week but since they are a defensive team their's usually a good amount of time between any serious action so it was all good.

I had built my stack up to around T3000 a little after the first break and got pocket aces. I raised it up 3X the BB and got one caller. The flop came 2 7 8 all clubs and I had the Ace of clubs. I pushed all in and he called with pocket Kings and the King of clubs. The turn was a blank and the river was a King giving him the pot. He had me slightly covered and I was out. I was pissed for a minute but thought about it and was a HUGE favorite when I got my money in so realized I was playing well and just got sucked out on. I'm trying to look at my play and not the results.

I sweated Joe Speaker as I registered for the post-game tourney they have on Full Tilt where they add $1 to the winner for every NFL point scored that day. (Is it considered stalking if you sweat a fellow blogger without ever saying anything so they never know it......if he made it far I would have voiced least I think I would have.....sorry Joe) I was playing solid and thought I'd give another tourney a shot.

I again was playing solid and had built my stack slowly the first hour never putting it all at risk without the best of it. I was at around T2500 nearing the end of the first hour when I got pocket Kings in MP. There was one limper and I raised it up 3X the BB. The guy on my left pushed all in and had me covered by a couple hundred. It folded around to me and I thought for a moment about his play and if he was the type to push pre-flop with Aces.......I didn't think he'd make that play and put him on 10-10 through Q-Q type of hand. Based on his play I didn't think he would push with A K so I figured I had him dominated. I called and sure enough he had pocket Jacks. The flop was blanks.....the turn a blank......and the guessed it......a Jack sending me out of the tourney again.

I'm happy with my play and plan to play several more of these tourney's over the next couple of weeks. I think it all comes down to not interacting with the Luckbox in Vegas or having him sweat me or offer me a save........Another bit of info for my wife to try and get to the next bloggerati gathering in Vegas.......maybe she'll go for it.

Hope you all have a Great Holiday as this will probably be my last post until after Christmas. Take the time to enjoy it and relax from all the holiday rush.......Enjoy time with your family whether that's 100 people or just you and your significant other or cat.

Take Care and Happy Holiday's from the Baz Clan.

Baz Out.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

No Trip Report Here......just envy....

I've been enjoying the trip reports......sounds like it was even better than could it not of these times I'll make it out there for a gathering....I just hafta......

I know all of you are just dying to know what's been going on with me so let me ramble for a minute or two.........

On the poker front......back to playing a decent amount online.....mostly at Party for the moment but I do want to get some dinero back over to Full Tilt to finish working off my bonus and play few of the tourney's I hear are so soft. My online bankroll has taken a hit for two reasons....1) I had to cash out a chunk of it for the good of my family which is now and forever will be number one. 2) I hit a bad run on Full Tilt which was a combination of bad play....RAZZ....and heads up sit and go's. I am in the process of building it back up to where it was.....I did it once.....let's see if I can do it again. What an awesome feeling it is to be able to use poker winnings for my family's needs......instead of us struggling to make this or that work I simply made the decision to pull a chunk out of the roll and take care of it. I have used poker winnings to take my family on a kick ass weekend trip to an indoor water park, get my 4 year old boy a kick ass Spiderman jumper for his birthday, and pay the escrow overage on the house......awesome.

I made it out to Trump last night after a couple week layoff......played the 2/5 $200Max NL game and fared decently. My NL cash game still needs some work but I'm heading in the right direction. Here's a Vegas the $200 max NL cash game has blinds of 1/2...right? That's the one thing that drives me crazy about the 200max game at Trump......the blinds are 2/5 so there's not any room to wiggle and you committ your stack early.....I've started buying initially for $400 at the cage ($200 in green) so if and when I drop below $100 early on due to being aggressive I can easily and quickly reload back up to $200. Thoughts?

We'll be in Iowa for the holidays this year......Will be making a trip to Prarie Meadows in Des Moines to see what kind of poker and -EV games they got......could be interesting.

Other than that just enjoying time with the kids and looking forward to the holidays. I'm a classic procrastinator when it comes to shopping for my wife.....I usually come up with at least one or two great ideas that go over huge......this year I got nothing. I hope something hits me between now and's coming up fast.

Won't be back to Trump for awhile with the holidays and all......maybe not even until 2006.....we'll see.....

I hope you all have a Great Holiday!

Take Care!
Baz Out

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I'm still around........just been swamped with work and family obligations........haven't been to Trump in a couple weeks now.....hope to remedy that this coming Friday.

Both my online and live games are not going so hot at the moment.......working on that.

I'm jealous of all the bloggers in Vegas this weekend! Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! One of these of these times.....I hope you're all having a grand old time and I can't wait to read all the trip reports.....bloglines is sure to be blowing up and I'm way behind as it is right now.

Back to my online game and catching up on some blog reading.

Hope everyone is safe and having a blast......dreaming of Vegas.....