Friday, February 23, 2007

Thanks to Hoy!

Just a quick update:

First off I want to thank Hoy for pointing out Full Tilt's satellite's to the nightly 30K gaurantee. I don't know how I missed these all this time. I played my first satellite last night and got my seat in the 30K where I went on to money. I should have final tables but lost half my stack when we were down to 56 players and had to scramble from there. Anyway, I'll be a regular in that satellite and hopefully the 30K. Thanks Hoy! Much like him I am committed to my family during the day and on weekends so I don't get the opportunity to play in most of the bigger gaurantees. Family comes first.

While I played the satellite I also played in my first Riverchaser's tourney. I didn't fare so well there going out bottom third.

I played my regular home game last Saturday and it was a rare bigger buy-in tourney which brought out 16 players. The structure was improved as we had 30 minute levels and more starting chips and I took it down for a nice win. I then went to Empress on Monday and was down about 1/2 my buy-in playing 5/10 when I took off. Most of it was due to playing a hand about as bad as I've played a hand in a LONG time. I was up against quads and a boat....brutal.

Doyle's Room is pulling out of the U.S. and I moved the money I had there directly over to Full Tilt with no trouble at all. I am still waiting on my epassporte account to get finalized which should be the middle of this week. We'll see how that ends up working out. Most of my time will be spent on Full Tilt and Absolute for now.

Also, the Heartland Poker Tour will be back at MSII in March (actually 3 times this year). I'll be looking to qualify again this year and hopefully make a run at some good money. We might run some home game satellites for the qualifiers and I might buy myself directly in like I did last year. We will see.

In the meantime you can find me some nights on Full Tilt in the satellite to the 30K, the 30K, and probably the Daily Doubles at times as well. I also may try and get a few tokens.

Til then.

Baz Out