Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I wish I was able to get to Vegas with the bloggers this past weekend but alas....with baby Baz #4 around the corner it was not to be. It's been too long since my last post. It's not that I haven't been playing because I have. It's just finding the time and something worthwhile to say. I've started going to a new home tourney that runs every two weeks. Nice play and nice 1/2 NL cash games before and after. I took 2nd the first time there. I'm still points leader in my home league with only one tourney left before the championship tourney I think I'm a mathmatical lock to finish in the top spot.

I played the 25K on Full Tilt tonight and finished ITM. 49th out of 1545. Was an average stack pretty much the whole tourney and then the blinds and antes started getting to me. Stole some to stay afloat and then got called by K Q while holding pocket 3's. A good run. Got myself a token as well so I'll probably play it again later in the week.

My cash game I've been happy with even though I'm down lately I'm playing well. Had a losing session at Majestic Star 2. Card dead wasn't the word for it. In the home cash game here's an example of how I'm running. Warning: Bad Beat Lies Ahead.

UTG raises to $12 in 1/2 NL and he can be raising here with a wide range of hands as we are 6 handed. There are two callers and I have run my stack up to $160. I look down at 9 10 of spades and make the call. The flop comes 6 7 8 with two clubs. The raiser leads out for $25. It folds to me and I pop it to $60. He has me covered and goes all-in. I call and he turns over Jh Jc. The turn is a club and the river is a club.....re-buy!!!!!

Anyway. Baby Baz will be here by December 27th. I hope you all have a great holiday and I'll try to post more often although that seems unlikely here in the immediate future.

Take care.
Baz Out