Thursday, May 17, 2007


No, I didn't win a seat in the Main Event.

I did, however, book my trip to Vegas during the WSOP.

I plan on playing in Event 25 on June 15th which is a 2K NLHE event. I am also looking into the Binion's tourneys that will be going on and plan on playing a TON of cash games.

If anyone else is going to be out there at this time let me know and hopefully we can hook up. I hope to be purchasing a beer and some shots for the good Dr. Pauly if he can break away for a few minutes of his great coverage.

Mad props goes out to my lovely wife for being on board with, and supporting my WSOP trip.

I'm sure the interest level is minimal to none BUT just in case I misjudge or don't realize who all reads this humble little piece of the blogoshpere I want to inform that I am selling up to half of my action in Event 25. I've already got 15% sold with a real possibility for 10-20% more. Like I said.....I'm playing regardless. Your money is probably better of with this Omaha pro anyway.

Til next time.