Friday, December 30, 2005

A Little Razz........

After getting called all-in by a player who put too much stock in his top pairs and held KQ with my pocket Kings with a rainbow flop of 7 Q 4........and he caught a Queen on the river to send me packing in the Full Tilt 16K gauranteed I saw a Razz Tourney was starting at 10:30pm........

I decided to change it up and get away from Hold Em for a little while..........

I was a HUGE chip leader at the final table and coasted to heads up where I was ultimately even with my opponent and ended up taking second. I'm thrilled with the second place finish but am a little disappointed I couldn't close the deal being a huge chip leader.......I didn't know how to alter my hand selection when it got short handed and ultimately either gave away too many chips or just started getting crappy combo's.........or a combo of both.

Special thanks goes out to the one.....the only.....Princess Maigrey for taking a few moments out to learn me how to take screen shots......THANKS! I just wish I would have asked her for some tips on playing Razz Shorthanded!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and that every has a safe and enjoyable New Year. I thought I'd make it out to Trump for some live poker this weekend but that's not going to is requiring additional time which is never a bad thing. Hopefully I'll make it out there next Friday night as the following Friday night (January 13th) I'm heading to a WSOP satellite with my Dad, brother, and soon to be brother-in-law.

Til next time.

Baz Out