Monday, September 11, 2006

Back to Back

I played in my regular home tournament Saturday night. I am sitting on top of the leader board after 6 tournaments of 10 and have seperated myself from the pack slightly. I won the tournament for the second time in a row. I was making good reads and playing a solid game. I made moves when I sensed weakness and got the most value out of most of my better hands. It was a "shooting stars" tournament where each of the previous winners had a bounty on their head. I knocked out one previous winner and avoided getting knocked out myself so that was sweet. It was a good time. My brother made the final table as the short stack and drew the small blind putting him half in already so he didn't make the money.

I've also been doing well online. Played three tournaments last week with each having anywhere from 90 to 180 players. I came in third in all three. Played one tonight and went out 46 out of 87. Cash games have been going well also. I have been playing mostly .25/.50 NL and it's been going well.

I have another tournament this Saturday night but have a LONG week to get through to get there.

I'm in two fantasy football leagues this year. I mopped up my opponent in one. In the other we were tied going into tonight. He has Antonio Gates TE SD going and I have Lamont Jordan RB OAK going. As I was typing this I was up one point with a 3-2 advantage on the night but Gates caught a touchdown pass putting me down 6 total points. COME ON JORDAN!!!!!

Anyway....wanted to check in. I hear Majestic II has changed a lot of their structures and games getting totally rid of the 3/6 and adding more options at No Limit. I may have to check it out before too long. Haven't had time for live poker lately.

Til next time.

Baz Out