Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still Here

I'm still here! It's been a crazy month. My youngest boy was in the hospital for several days and things have been nuts. He's doing ok now but it was crazy for awhile. Any of you that have an infant or have had an infant knows what it feels like as they are helpless and sometimes there's nothing you can do as their parent to help them out.

Anyway, on the poker front, I've been playing a little online and usually at least once a week live. Online has been going ok. I've been bouncing between MTT, SNG's, and ring games. I've been getting in the money a good percentage of the time in the SNG's.

Live has been going well for the most part as well. The HPT was back at Majestic and I played a qualifier again this year. This time I didn't make the top 20% and didn't qualify so I was bummed but I played well. I won my poker league for the year and will be playing the end of year tournament this weekend. Can't wait to do a little gloating and play in the bigger buy in year end event. I also have been going to another bigger buy in game regularly. The past two in a row I won one and came in second the next time. That was awesome. I also played a friendly home game with a smaller buy in ($20 1st two SNG's and $40 the 3rd). I won the second and third games there going out early in the 1st game when I got my chips in WAY ahead.

I also have my fantasy baseball draft this weekend. It's a day I look forward to all year. It's a marathon day but I love it. My keepers aren't the best as I made a run at the title last year before slipping to 5th....but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update.

Sorry for my absence duties have been raging.

Til next time.

Baz out