Monday, June 11, 2007

Pre-WSOP 2007

Things have been crazy here at home as we prepare for summer festivities, vacations, and fun.

The past couple of weeks I have been playing a good number of tournaments online. I had a good run in several with a couple of final tables in smaller $10 MTT for several hundred each. The best....and worst one was the nightly 10K gaurantee $10 re-buy on Full Tilt where I found myself as the chip leader with 6 players to go. With about 3 minutes before a break I lost my connection. I freaked. This never happens here. I tried opening a browser and....nothing. I tried several other things before getting on the phone with my provider. I did my best to stress the urgency of the situation and to skip past all of the basic bull---- to get to the bottom of it all. Almost 45 minutes later (around 4 am) we figured out that the connection was working perfectly....something went wrong with my router. Now why I never thought of trying to bypass the router in the first place I'll never know. Bottom line is it worked and I logged back in to see that I was blinded out in third place for a very nice payday.......but there was a sizable difference between 1st and 3rd. I know that I could have been sucked out on and gone out even earlier......but I liked my chances and you don't get that chance every day.

Well.....I'll be heading to Vegas this week! I can't wait. I'll be playing Event #25 on Friday. The 2K NLHE at noon. I will also probably play a deep stack event at the Venetian and/or the Binion's classic events. I will be in town from Thursday until Tuesday so I will see how things are going and go from there. I have to say that I am SUPER PUMPED to play in my first WSOP event. I went back and forth on whether or not I should play or stick with the Venetian events but people who play with me and know me helped convince me to go ahead and do it.

So I am.

Hopefully you've been visiting the good Dr. daily for the straight down and dirty at the WSOP. I know that's where I've been. I also hope to buy the man a beer while in town. Here's hoping there's time and that I can pry him away or catch him for a dinner break at the Tilted Kilt.

Anyway.......I know you're not expecting regular updates.....but I will post info as I can.

Til then....

Baz Out