Sunday, August 20, 2006


My apologies for the inactivity this summer. I have played my fair share of online and live poker this summer with mixed results. That was when not traveling with the family which we did A LOT this summer.

It was a GREAT summer. My online bankroll is healthy and slowly climbing. I have been playing a lot more no limit ring games online and working hard on my NL cash game. I was playing live 2-3 times a week early in the summer until they shut down the poker room at Empress. I then checked out Resorts in Northwest Indiana and have been playing 5/10 or 10/20 limit. I'm dying to get into the live NL games there but need more of a live bankroll to sit comfortably and play the type of game/style I like. I haven't been back to the casino formerly known as Trump since right after the changeover. I see several former dealers from there dealing at Resorts and keep planning to get back there to check it out. The baby NL game there used to be 200max buy in so if it's still that way I'd be more tempted to return.

My blog reading was pretty much non-existent over the summer except for the Good Doctor's WSOP coverage which was top notch and entertaining as Hell! Keep it up Pauly.....I'd understand if you didn't go back.....but REALLY hope you go back again and again.

Did anyone out there actually get the Main Event's final table on Pay Per View? If so....I'd love to hear if it was worth it.

Some guys I know and have played in a variety of home games with got a poker league together where we play once every month or so and get points based on how we finish along with a variety of other things like knocking people out, knocking out the previous winner, etc. At the end of 10 regular season games we will have a larger buy-in championship tourney with people who have played regularly getting bonus chip amounts based on their league standings. I like the idea and they are running it well. A player's top 6 totals will be used for the "championship" so you don't have to make all 10. I've played 4 out of 5 this "season" so far and have taken third, last, second, and first finding myself at the top of the league standings at the halfway point. It's a good group of guys and the side cash games after the tournament are a blast as well with lots of Omaha and other crazy games like 2 of 3, chase the Queen, Shit on your neighbor, etc....etc....etc.

I never wrote up my Vegas trip report from the beginning of the summer.........I played limit and a couple of tournaments and lost. I just missed the money in all three tournaments I played. Two at the Sahara and one at the MGM where we stayed. I lost in the limit ring games overall due to a couple of huge pots lost. The first was when I flopped a set of eights and another gentlemen flopped a set of Kings and hadn't re-raised me pre-flop.....worked out well for him. The second was when I flopped another set.....10's this time with an ace and duece on board with it and no flush possible. Betting was capped on the flop and the turn was a 9 of the fourth suit. Betting was capped three way and the river brought another 9 giving me 10's full. Betting was capped again and the lady on the end showed pocket 9's for runner runner quads. Those are the two that stick out in my mind that were monster pots I lost. Not the reason I was an overall loser on the trip but those two pots caused an uphill battle. I played well overall but didn't put the hours at the tables I have in the past due to the company I was with on this trip.

Anyway....hope this finds everyone doing well.

Hopefully I will get back onto a semi-regular posting schedule........

See you on the virtual felt......

Baz Out