Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It's been crazy at casa de Baz the last month.........

The whole family got sick one after the other........and I haven't been as sick as I was in as long as I can remember.

Aside>>>First hand dealt in the $6.60 SNG on Full Tilt and the UTG player pushes all folds around.....way to pick up T45! I was saying.....I was out of it for several weeks. Part of it was my stubbornness as I delayed going to the doctor after my initial stage lasted longer than normal. The doctor actually sent me to the emergency room two days later based on my symptoms and all he actually thought I could have meningitis and wanted me to get a CT Scan and Spinal Tap. Have you ever had a Spinal Tap???? Let me tell you.....don't rush to get one......not the most pleasant experience.

Needless to say I didn't play much poker. I actually played the live WSOP RCG tourney in Rockford on Friday night February 10th and was not feeling the best when I got there.....and feeling much worse by the end. I still played well making the top 40 before being bounced. My Dad made the money finishing 12th......Good job Dad! The next morning is when I finally went to the doctor and I ended up out of it for awhile.

I was finally feeling better and since I was off work Monday I went during the day to Empress with my brother to play some 5/10 hold em. It was great to play live again and my brother was not joking about the softness and passiveness of these games. He's been going several days per week as he works 3rd shift and has been making a killing. Any of you Chicago bloggers that have a weekday off might want to check it out. They'll run you down once in awhile but they'll also call you down when they pair their King with a 3 kicker and say, "you got me outkicked" when you flip over KQ.....NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!

Anyway....check it out. Call in before 9am and tell them you'll be there at 9:50am. You don't want to get there at 9am because you'll be sitting with "the breakfast club" which is a table full of old timers there to socialize. You want to be first up on the second table which opens when the next dealer comes on at 10am. They open a 10/20 game at 11am as well if you're so inclined. I hear it's not much different from the 5/10 but I didn't witness it first hand.

I did play in the 16K on Full Tilt Saturday or Sunday night (can't remember) as well and was top 50 in chips most of the way. Paid like 93 and when we were down to 120 I got AKs and made a standard 4X the big blind raise. I was third in chips at the table but only by a couple thousand. It folded around to one of the guys with a bigger stack than mine and he re-raised. I figured two things: 1) The chances of him having Aces or Kings when I have AK is slim. and 2) If he had Aces or Kings he would have flat called to try and get the most out of me heads up. I figured him for a smaller pair....maybe 10's or Jacks or even AK as well. I came over the top all-in and he insta-called with pocket Aces. I got two of my suit on but no flush would come and I was out. I was looking to win this thing and that pot would have put me a great spot. I didn't want to simply make the money as the lower money spots are small....the real money is at the final table and I was willing to risk it at that point to have a great shot. Of course if I knew he had Aces I would have folded but I just couldn't put him on them.

Any advice....thoughts......suggestions are appreciated.

Well that's where I've been.

Hope you all have been good and hope to be back at Trump errr Majestic 2 before long.

Baz Out