Tuesday, January 17, 2006

RCG Tourney 1-13-06

Me, my brother, my Dad, and my future brother-in-law played in a live WSOP satellite tourney put on by RCG Friday night…….Friday the 13th. We all played in the 7pm session. They run two sessions of 250 people (2pm and 7pm) each with the final table of 10 from each session meeting after the 7pm session to play down to a winner. They pay top 20, which is a tiny percentage of the overall entrants. It’s a FAST structure but they improved it this tourney in my opinion.

You used to get T1500 for your $60 buy-in and had a re-buy you could use in the first hour if you got below T500. The $30 re-buy bought you another T1000. If you didn’t drop below the T500 then you could use it at the end of the first hour as an add-on. It was a one time use re-buy or add-on. This tourney we got T1500 for our $60 buy-in, had a $10 dealer add-on that had to be taken prior to the cards being dealt for an additional T500, and also had the option of a $30 re-buy/add-on for T2000 or $50 re-buy/add-on for T4000 more. You had to be at or below T2000 in order to take it, which meant you could take it right at the start and start the tourney with T6000.

That’s what I did………..I took the full amount right from the start and there was only one other person at my starting table that did the same. Only two of us out of twelve……that’s right……12. Actually it was 11 because our twelfth never showed up so he/she was just blinded away. The 12 people per table is another thing I hate but it is how it is and I just keep giving them my comments and input and hopefully they continue to make changes and improve it.

I played well from the start. The play was erratic as expected with three solid players at my table and plenty of any Ace or face players. I lost around T1200 early but with T6000 to start had time to chip up even with the fast structure. By the first break (first hour) I had T11000 and hadn’t put my whole stack at risk. By the second hour I had T19000 although the blinds were starting to escalate quickly. A young lady was moved to my table and she was very predictable. She played any face cards and if she caught any pair she bet it. If it wasn’t top pair she check called. She was almost out several times but made a big comeback and had me out-chipped when we moved tables. She had been seated immediately to my left and when I got to the new table she happened to get moved to the same table and sat two to my right. A short time later I was dealt A Q o UTG +1 when the blinds were 1000/2000. I had approximately T18000 and raised it up to T6000. It folded to the young lady in the small blind who flat called my raise. The big blind folded so we were heads up. The flop came J 7 2 rainbow. She bet into me T8000 which told me she paired her Jack. I thought for a few moments about pushing all-in but ended up folding thinking she would call without a doubt and I’d be behind needing an Ace or a Queen on the turn or river IF neither of those gave her two pair which was highly possible given what I’d seen of her play. I also thought I had enough chips to work a little before the blinds got me into push or fold mode.

When we got down to six tables of 10 my brother went out. He had been card dead all night and hadn’t played a hand outside the blinds until he pushed with A 9o and went out. He went out around 55th which told me that if you took the full re-buy and were patient you had plenty of time to work up some chips when you got a hand or a person to pick on. When we got down to 5 tables of 10 I was down to just 1 ½ times the big blind and found 5 6s UTG. I decided to push it in here rather than get a random big blind hand but got three callers and knew I was done when none of my suit hit the board. I went out around 46th. My Dad and soon to be brother-in-law were still battling with future brother-in-law going out 34th and my old man going out 28th to round out a nice showing by our group.

All in all it was a good time and I’ll go back…..especially if they keep the new structure. RCG is an organization that hosts these things for various charities so the structure can change based on the charity that’s hosting it. I might go back to this location on Friday February 10th for another chance. Between now and then I’m playing in another run by them in a different location. It’s Sunday January 29th in Rockford as well but a different spot. It’s limited to 120 entries but the buy-in is $150 with unlimited $75 re-buys the first hour and a $75 double bubble add-on at the end of the first hour. It’s a little steeper price but with the quality of play I think I’ve got a good shot at the money. We shall see.

Til next time….Thanks for stopping by…..

Baz Out