Saturday, January 28, 2006

NOT HAPPY.......

I played in some MTT's last night.......the 16K and 8K on Full Tilt. I had a just above average stack in the 16K when I got my pocket Aces all in pre-flop against a guy who had me covered by alot with pocket 7's..........he ended up with a straight and sent me packing.......I'm happy with the way I played that one as most times I double up there and am in great shape to make a run deep into the tourney.

In the 8K I built a nice stack and was mostly top 30 or so in chips from the second hour or so on.......I was playing well when I again made an idiotic play that cost me! When will I learn? We were in the money and I was sitting with around T10,500 with the blinds at 250/500 with a 75 ante. I was dealt pocket dueces in EP and I raise it up to folds to the button who barely had me covered and he re-raises to T8500 pot committing himself. Should be an easy fold here as it was a questionable raise in the first place! But what do I do??? I push all-in without much thought.....I busted my butt and played my A game until there were 44 players left and I was still sitting with a decent stack and I push with pocket dueces knowing that AT BEST it was a race and at worst I was DOMINATED!!!! There was no way he was folding to the less than T2000 re-raise. He turned over AK and flopped an Ace sending me out in 44th.


All that hard work down the drain for roughly an $8 profit.....I put myself in a position yet again to make a run for it and shot myself in the foot again.

Maybe I'll learn one of these times.........

On a side note......factgirl was in the tourney as well and when my first table broke I was seated to her left which is exactly where I wanted to be.....I ended up knocking her out awhile later....sorry I didn't utilize the chips better.

Til Next Time.

Baz Out