Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trumped at Trump

My brother pulled me aside at my family's Christmas celebration on New Year's Day (Sunday) and said, "Let's go to Trump tonight and play cards." My brother hadn't gone in several months and had stated he was waiting until the new year to go back......He wasn't wasting much time.

I told him it was on and I picked him up at 10:30pm. We rolled into Trump by 11:30pm and I hadn't been there in several weeks. We had called ahead and were near the top of our respective lists.....my brother for 3/6 and me for the $200 Max No limit. We both got seated rather quickly and it was on.....the room was jumping as we didn't know what to expect on a Sunday night.....New Year's Day.....with most people being off on Monday.

The feeder NL table was a frenzy of people trying to double up with less than stellar holdings before heading off to the land of potentially bigger stacks......I just hoped I could get a solid hand to break someone off.......I limped with A 7 suited and called the $5 raise along with 4 others. The flop came two clubs and I called the $20 bet into the $50 pot......3 of us left. The turn brought my club and I bet $50 when it was checked to me.....there were two Queens now on the board and I hoped someone had one......that is until the river brought a 3 double pairing the board. We had lost the third guy and it was checked to me. I checked it through as I figured I was only getting called by a full house and took down the $190 pot with my flush....him showing pocket Jacks.

I was moved not long after and sat at a table with three MONSTER stacks. I was in seat 6 and two of the Monster stacks were in seats 9 and 10. The third was in seat 3. Seats 9 and 10 each had around $1400 and seat 3 had around $1000. I proceeded to go card dead…….totally. About 10 minutes after I sat down the guy on my right raised to $20…..I folded…..and both of the big stacks in seats 9 and 10 called. The flop came three diamonds. The guy to my right bet $40, seat 9 called and seat 10 raised to $100. The guy to my right pushed all-in for around $140 total and both big stacks called. The turn was a blank and seat 9 checked. Seat 10 went all-in and seat 9 insta-called. The river was a blank and the guy on my right turned over pocket fives for a set of fives…..the board didn’t pair for him. Seat 9 immediately turned over the nut flush with A 7 of diamonds and seat 10 mucked in disgust………Seat 9 had him covered and won a $3200 pot at the $200 max NL table. Seat 10 stormed out of the room and I immediately asked for a seat change button and locked up his seat if he didn’t return in the 10 minutes he was allowed so I could be to the left of the now MEGA MONSTER stack at our table.

The guy on my left stated he had folded the King of diamonds so I can only assume the guy in seat 10 had a Queen high flush. Regardless……it was a HORRIBLE play on his part. There are only two stacks at the table he shouldn’t have tangled with without the nuts…….why go all-in there with the non-nut flush against another monster stack…..you’re only getting called if you’re beat. If he was up against one or more smaller stacks of $200 or $300…….fine…..nice play….but against the big stack on your right…….your only getting called if you’re beat…….He learned that lesson the HARD WAY.

I proceeded to be card dead once I moved to seat 10 and the MEGA MONSTER stack left around ½ hour later so I didn’t get a chance at any of it. I had pocket 7’s once and no set on an A K Q board….folded to a bet. I had A Q once and hit nothing on the flop….folded to a bet and a raise before action got to me. I had dropped below $100 a by a couple hours later and re-bought up to $200. Several orbits later with my stack sitting around $180 I looked down to find two red Kowboys! Finally! I raised to $20 in EP and was called by seat 1 and the last big stack at the table in seat 3. The flop came 8 9 2 rainbow…..a beautiful flop for my boys….minus the potential straight draw for a J 10 holding. I led out $40….was called in seat 1 and seat 3 made it $100 to go. I pushed all-in and was called in both spots. I figured one for a straight draw but had no idea what the other one held……an over-pair to the board? The turn and river were blanks and they checked it down. I turned over my boys and seat 1 turned over pocket rockets……Seat 3 mucked and I was felted. “Nice Hand,” I stated as I stood up and walked away……sucked but it happens.

My brother racked up his chips as well for a nice double up at the 3/6 tables. He has really worked on his game while staying away these past two months….tighter and more aggressive and he saw the benefit of it that night.

It was great to get back out to play live at Trump and I look forward to my next visit…..which will probably be Friday night…….we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile…..online is going well. Playing a few MTT’s lately and playing solid…..can feel a big cash coming soon.

Til next time…..

Baz Out.