Friday, January 27, 2006

Online MTT Results and Live Tourney This Weekend

I played a couple of MTT's online this week........both Tuesday to be exact. I played the 16K on Full Tilt and the 10K on Pacific which both started at 9pm. The Full Tilt 16K had over 700 people and I played very very well......for a long while. I ended up going out short of the money 111th. I was in the top 40-50 in chips for most of the tourney until I went out where I made a crucial blunder against the only person at my table that had me outchipped........I don't know how many times I'm going to make that mistake before I learn. I got pocket Kings and raised 4X BB and was called by only the bigger stack. The flop came J 8 4 rainbow and I was first to act. I bet 1/2 the pot and he raised me about the size of the pot. This is where alarms should have been going off in my head....but they weren' he was newly moved to my table so I had no prior info on what did I do......I come over the top of him push all-in which he insta-called with........wait for it.......wait for got it.....pocket Jacks for top set. I had built my stack with people overplaying top pair and without thinking about assumed he was doing the same........I think I could have survived this hand.....I would have lost some money but played differently I think I would have saved a portion of my stack.....I don't know.

The Pacific tourney went well. There were roughly 640 players and I finished ITM going out 49th. I built a big stack early and then the deck went cold. I picked spots to take pots to stay afloat but eventually the blinds caught up with me and I had to push. I started pushing with about 10-12 times the big blind with hands of medium strength or above when I was first in the pot. My stack was still big enough to damage most stacks at the table if they called and I liked this better than letting it dwindle too low where I'd get called by a wider variety of hands. My K Q offsuit lost to A 10 offsuit and I went out. I was happy with the way I played and hopefully I'll keep fighting for those top money spots more often as time goes on.

I'm playing in a live WSOP satellite Sunday. If I can keep playing like I have been I like my chances. I will post results after the fact.

Hopefully I'll get online to play tonight. No Trump for me this weekend....taking a short break from live poker for the next week or two. Went to Trump last Saturday night and played 6/12 instead of the 200 max NL game.....just wasn't in the mood for the NL game and the live bankroll is a little light at the moment. I cashed out up $100 so it was a good night and it actually felt good to be playing live limit again. I look forward to getting back to the 200 max NL game but might stick with 6/12 for the next trip or two.....we shall see.

Til next time.

Baz Out