Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Warning! No Poker Content...

Human Head left me a comment in my last post concerning baby #3 that stated:

3 year old son.
2 year old daughter.
New addition due Friday.
Bakzar=A machine.

Thanks for the congrats HH...........but I'd like to expand and get slightly personal for once.

To clarify......My wife is the machine. In these three contributions to society I spent probably about 8 minutes......ahem......contributing......And that's giving myself one minute credit for each of our children that were conceived in Vegas (which was two of the three). She did ALL of the work and continues to do the majority of the work as she is a stay at home Mom.......and a FABULOUS one at that. I was lucky enough to have a Mom who stayed at home with me growing up, as was my wife, and we wanted to be able to give that to our children if we possibly could. It wasn't, and isn't, easy at times but we get through it. In today's society people need "things" to show off to other "people" to show they are "successfull". What does that mean? People think we're crazy to only have one car............I think they're crazy for taking their kids to day care every day.........Who's right? Who's wrong? It's all in who you are and what you think is important in my book.

Thinks are definitely busy around the Baz household.........I wouldn't have it any other way. The feeling I get every day I get home from work and am greeted by two kids who think I am the greatest........Kisses and hugs for no reason.......A son who wants to be wherever I am and do whatever I do. I cherish these times. I know......I know.....Just wait until they're teenagers you say. I can't wait! Do you know why? My wife and I feel we are giving 100% as parents and if we do that we can be confident in the fact that they will turn out right and make the right decisions. Does that mean they won't get into trouble ever? Heck no! Of course they will.......didn't we all?

People ask me all the time..........."how many more are you going to have?" My answer is always, "at least six." Most people can't believe it. Some ask if I'm serious. To tell you the truth I don't think I'm serious but who knows. We'll just hope and pray this one gets on the ground healthy and safely Friday and go from there. Life's too short to worry about what "other people" think is the right size family.

I come from a family of 4 and my wife a family of 3 so it will probably be one or the other. I tell my wife all the time that if this one's a girl we have to have a 4th to try and tip the balance of gender power back to even.......if it's a boy and I regain power than I leave it up to her. I can't imagine my current two year old daughter not being my "baby girl" any longer.........unless this ones a girl I'm sure. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl and didn't find out on any of them.......There are too few "true" surprises left in life anymore. We wanted to preserve a couple. I for one can't wait until Friday when the doctor takes our new life into this world and say's, "It's a boy!"......"or girl!"

I'm 31 years old and was fortunate to know ALL of my grandparents AND GREAT GRANDPARENTS not losing any until I was in high school. My parents are young. My Mom just turned 49 and my Dad turns the big 50 this summer. You can do the math. It was rough growing up but I wouldn't have changed a thing. My Mom might surprise my Dad with a trip to Vegas for his birthday this summer and my siblings and I might fly in for the double surprise.....at least my brother and I are in for sure. We shall see.

Enjoy your families.......whatever they may be. It's different for everyone. Not better or worse......just different.

Take care and please throw some prayers my way for my wife and newborn to be happy and healthy this week.

Take care.

Baz Out.