Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Home Game

Saturday night was my monthly home game. We didn't have a game in December with all of the holiday hoopla so it had been a while since we all got together to throw around the cards. This is simply a group of close friends and family members that like to get together and socialize, drink, and have a good time. It's very low stakes.......the max anyone can lose in a night is $30......kind of like poor man's poker. We play .50/$1 limit hold em for 2-3 hours and everyone buys in for $20. At the time limit we all cash out and re-buy in for a $10 No Limit tourney for anyone that wants to stick around and play. Play is very loose and can vary depending on whose in the hand from very passive to very aggressive. We have one participant who sees EVERY SINGLE FLOP unless there is a raise and a re-raise ahead of him BEFORE he has put any money in the pot.

Saturday night we had 8........there was supposed to be 9 but my brother had something come up and had to attend to it. I was up and down for most of the limit time. One hand I was dealt 46s in the BB and there were 5 limpers. I checked to see a flop which brought the 5 and 7 of my suit along with an offsuit J. I bet my open ended straight flush draw and was called in 3 spots. The turn brought the 9 of my suit and when it was turned I swore it was the 8 and almost wet myself as I've never had a straight flush before online or live. I bet my flush and was called in two spots. The river was a rag and I bet out again being called in two spots. I showed my flush.......someone else had 2 pair J's and 9's........and another had a Jack high flush to take down the pot. The final two hands of the limit time I was dealt KK and AA to take down two good sized pots putting me up $26 for the first session.

Everyone bought in for the no limit tourney ($10) and we began that after a short break to distribute chips etc........I basically stayed afloat stealing some pots with a couple key bluffs.....My dad commented that I hadn't had to show down a hand when I raked in the third decent sized pot and I simply smirked knowing I'd eventually catch a hand and someone will pay me off. Well I was cold decked but was able to make it to the final three with the chips I had built early. We paid the final two and one person was the clear chip leader with me and another fairly close in chips. I commented to the other short stack after he folded...."you trying to fold into the money?" I then pushed with A3s and was called by the big stack with AQo......Ouch. No 3 and not enough of my suit and I was out.

All in all the home game was enjoyable and a good time was had by all.

Baz Out