Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday Night Games

I cleared my Empire bonus last night while 4 tabling for the first time. It's amazing.......When I first started playing online 2 tables seemed very fast and it was all I could do to keep track of what's going on and not run out of time on one table while paying attention to the other. Then somewhere along the line 2 tables became slower.........I added a third table and it kept me busy but wasn't near as bad as when I first started with 2 tables. Then 3 tables became second nature. I 4 tabled last night for the first time and it definitely kept me busy but I didn't feel like my game suffered at all because of it. I actually think overall it was slightly better because when I 2 or 3 table lots of times I also read blogs, e-mail, surf, or whatever which takes my attention away. I really want to focus on playing when I sit down to play. I am going to try and focus my attention on the tables solely when playing. Now that the bonus is cleared I haven't decided if I will go back to 3 tables or stick with 4. It wasn't bad at all. I killed one table tripling my buy-in, broke even on two tables, and lost 10BB on the 4th. Not too bad.

I had the pleasure of sitting at a 1/2 table with Maudie last night. She only stayed at my table for about 30 minutes and played a solid game from where I was sitting. I said hello and apologize for not being more talkative but there are two reasons for this...........1. I was 4 tabling for the first time and was trying hard to pay as much attention as possible. 2. What exactly is the etiquette in that situation? I mean.....I wanted to say......"Hey Maudie, congrats and continued luck with the play." "Sorry you couldn't make the WPBT." Is that appropriate at a "regular table" meaning the non-blogger table? Would that cause a table to tighten up thinking we're old college buddies......or sweethearts talking over IM? Then again why would we talk in chat if we were talking via IM? Just curious others thoughts on this and what you've done in the past.

Lastly, I have begun working on my aggressiveness. I am too passive on the flop. I think I am aggressive pre-flop, mildly on the turn, and too aggressive on the river at times giving away bets when I shouldn't but I am definitely too passive on the flop. This is something I will work on for the future.

Gotta Run.
Take Care.
Baz Out