Thursday, February 17, 2005

It was a long week with no poker. I wasn't able to play from Wed. Feb. 9th through Wed. Feb. 16th. We had my brother-in-law in town for the weekend which was a good time and work was busy the beginning of the week. My return to the tables at Empire last night was a good one. I played for two hours and finished up a total of 50BB. Well on the road to moving up limits again. My short term goal is to move up limits again by the end of March. I did so well I decided to fire up a sit-n-go over at PokerStars since I still have some money there from the deposit for the WPBT. I entered a 1-table limit sit-n-go and won it an hour and a half later. Not bad at all.

Unfortunately I won't get to play online again until Sunday night (hopefully). My sister-in-law and her husband are flying in Friday through Monday (they'll be elsewhere for the evening Sunday) and it should be a good time. Another weekend of PS2 wagering and heads-up Hold 'Em games. My Dad's monthly home game is this Saturday as well so I'll be playing some live home game poker which is a couple of hours of limit hold em followed by a sit-n-go. It's always a good time. Then to the bar afterwards to finish off the drinking.

My posting will even be more sporadic over the next month (I know....I know.....all 2 of you are thinking.....yeah that's possible). My beautiful wife will be delivering child number three before I know it. It's exciting and I can't wait. Hopefully she makes it until the second week of March but you never can tell. We have a 3 and 2 year old now. It's a wonder I have time or money for anything much less poker. My wife does a fabulous job staying at home with the kids. I definitely couldn't do it.

Til next time.
Baz Out