Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WPBT Tonight, Dr. Pauly's Post, Plus Random Thoughts

It's been too long since my last post............The WPBT is tonight and it will be my first time in a tourney with the bloggers. I registered this afternoon and big thanks goes out to the blogfather Iggy for putting this together. I can't wait to sit down and play with this group.........I'm looking forward to it as much for the chat as the cards themselves. I do feel like an idiot however.......when I registered this afternoon I saw the tourney listed at 21:00 hours on I'm not the smartest person in the world but I'm not the dumbest either and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what in the heck time that was at much less what time zone.....I had to head over to the WPBT site to check for sure. That would tonight, Feb. 2nd, at 8pm CST. I'm soooo looking forward to it. It will also be my first time playing over at PokerStars so I'm looking forward to trying out their software and will most probably make a screw up or two as I learn.

I've been thinking alot about what this blog really is...............I had already started thinking about it as I seemed to simply be adrift not sure what to post at times.....or when. When I started I wanted to simply give myself direction as I found myself floundering in my online poker experience......I craved to get better......Having a place to put down my thoughts was like having a friend to sit down and talk with.........Hoping the poker blogging community would respond with comments and encouragement that I didn't think I could get elsewhere. Then I think I drifted..........I had started reading poker blogs and instantly fell in love and wanted to become a part of what looked like a wonderful community. I didn't know what exactly I could contribute if anything.......Maybe I'd be like that kid from the neighborhood while growing up that was never invited but always hanging around. I have always known I'm not a good writer so it seemed from the start I was going up a stream with very little paddle.......if any. I also don't have the time to put together

Then I read Dr. Pauly's post which really hit me right where I had been thinking. Dr. Pauly posted a rant on all of the new bloggers out there and the sheer numbers of new poker blogs that are popping up daily. Dr. Pauly's blog is one of the first I visited after stumbling upon the blogfather's.........I respect what he writes and look forward to his posts. I have read several poker bloggers out there state they weren't sure where they wanted to go with their blogs when they started and it took them awhile to establish their identity or find their groove. I guess I am hoping that I am in this group.........That since my poker blog is still in it's infancy I am searching to find the voice of my blog. Dr. Pauly's post today contains suggestions for new bloggers on how to help them find that identity for their blog. He states he will have more and is taking suggestions from others in the blogging community. I enjoyed his suggestions and look forward to additional ones. I also am going to be thinking hard about my poker blog and implementing some of these suggestions. I felt that I needed to post these fabulous long posts that were insightful and was failing miserably so ended up posting random thoughts and stuff.

Thanks to the couple of you that still visit here from time to time.............I will be hopefully implementing some changes and getting this blog going in the right direction. Which is the right direction? Time will tell.

See you tonight at the tables.......and thanks Dr. Pauly.

Baz Out