Sunday, November 06, 2005


It was a long day.......I don't have the time or the energy for a major recap. I am very happy with the way I played in the WSOP live Rockford tourney today.......I built a big stack early and picked spots to use it but the structure of this tourney had the blind levels catch back up with me before too long. I had the Hilton Sisters twice and they held up both time tripling me up from around T3000 to around T9000......I was called in two spots with the first caller having pocket Jacks and the second caller having pocket tens. Two Kings came on the flop and I turned a Queen sealing the deal for me. I pushed all in from MP when folded to me with the blind levels at 2000/4000 and about to go up........I had just over T10000 and had two beautiful looking ducks in the hole.......I was hoping to pick up the blinds but was called by the big blind with AJo. The flop was all low......turn was low......river was a Jack......ouch......I went out around 60th of the 250 in the first session.....was the last person out before the second break and the tables were combined from 6 to 5.

Had a good time and am happy with the way I played today. Didn't fare too well in the side games and after losing $150 there as well decided to call it a night and get home in time to help get the kids bathed and in bed.......only missed an exit and added 1/2 hour to the trip causing me to miss time.

Here's wishing everyone a good week.

Baz Out.