Sunday, November 20, 2005

First meeting with a Hella Lady.......

Headed to my Friday night live poker stomping grounds Friday night......solo this time out.
Got into the room around 9:30pm and got immediately sat in the 200NL game.....feeder table. (I had called ahead to get my name on the list as usual which is awesome to do so your name moves up the list as you're still driving to the casino.)

By the time a couple of people had been pulled from our table it became a "regular" table as they had started another feeder table. This first table was fairly tight with solid players. I built my stack up to just over $300 from my initial $200 buy-in. I had seen a player I thought to be Shelly playing 3/6 and told myself I would introduce myself when I got the chance. Princess Maigrey walked by and I said "Hello".....she told me Shelly was there and I said I would say hi......I was glad she confirmed that it was in fact Shelly I had seen.

I swung by Shelly's 3/6 table a couple of times and each time she had cards in front of her...........Maigrey had stopped by and told me she was on table 18 and I should put in for a table change over there.....for a minute I thought 18 was the big game but she informed me that she was playing the 200NL game.....she had been playing a feeder for the big game and it broke up. I put in for my table change when a seat opened and couldn't current table wasn't great anyway and I looked forward to being able to play with the Princess. It took a little while as the room was slowing down somewhat and they were keeping tables even since the 200NL feeder had broken up. In the meantime I had tapped Shelly on the shoulder and introduced myself. I told her I was waiting for a seat at Maigrey's 200NL table 18 and she said she'd look into it.

I was moved to table 18 shortly thereafter and took the 10 seat two to the left of Maigrey. I was glad to be on her left and got busy observing the players at the table. One guy had a monster stack but no one else had a ton of chips in front of them. I was dealt KK in MP and there was a raise to $30 or $35 in front of me.........I re-raised to $75 and was called in one spot. The flop came x-A-x and I thought shit. I bet out and he folded. Around 15 minutes later the guy in the 2 seat asked me what I had when I re-raised to $75 before.....I told him AK.

Shelly made it over before long and got the 9 seat between me and maigrey. I was again glad to have her on my right as well. It wasn't long and I was dealt KK again. (my memory is sketchy so I hope I have the whole thing right) I was in late position and made a standard raise to somewhere between $20 and $30. I was called in two spots and the flop came J-10-6 with two hearts. I can't remember if he bet and I raised or if he checked and I bet but we lost one and it was down to me and the big stack at the table. The turn was a blank and as he checked to me he exposed a Jack. It was not the Jack of hearts as that was on the board so I knew then he wasn't on the flush draw. I bet out a good amount and he called. The river was a blank heart and he checked to me again. I bet out a good amount (can't remember specific amounts) and he check raised me all in. (he may have check raised me all in on the memory is lacking here....I apologize) I had around $130 left and thought for a few moments. He exposed the Jack to make me question whether or not he had the set and probably to get my reaction to it being exposed. I don't know if I reacted (hope not) My thought was if he actually had the set he would never had exposed one. I pushed my remaining chips in and stated "call". He flipped his other card which was a King and I doubled up with a monster pot.

A little while later I got dealt the Hammer and raised it up to $35 and it folded all the way back around to me while I proudly flipped it onto the felt and smiled. There was some was beautiful. A little while previous a guy on the other end of the table stated after a raise that he couldn't call with 7-2 and maigrey hollered down, "No. But you could re-raise with them like aces." Beautiful.

Anyway.....I logged a nice session and it was great playing with a fellow blogger and Trump regulars.

I will be heading back to Trump Wednesday night so holler if you're heading there. No Friday for me this week.

Take care all.

Baz Out.