Thursday, November 03, 2005


I turned 32 on Tuesday. Birthday's at this stage are simply like another day except the best thing now is my little ones love the fact that it's someone's two year old daughter was pretty bummed however when she realized later that evening that we weren't going to Chuck-E-Cheese. That's only for the kids birthdays (although I have a blast there with them)......she doesn't fully grasp that just yet. When you have a 2 and 4 year old you don't even get to open your own gifts......which is quite all right with me. They have a blast doing it and I have a blast watching them tear it apart. Our 7 month old even wanted to get in on the year little buddy.

I got NCAA Basketball 06 for PS2 along with Tiger Woods 06 and the network thing to hook up online.......except I'm an idiot and didn't fully think about the fact that the dsl modem is upstairs and the PS2 is downstairs and I have to be able to hook the two together to play online. I don't have a wireless router/network so I think I'm going to buy a 100' ethernet cable and simply run the wire when I play. It will always be in the evenings after all the kids are in bed so the cord won't really affect anyone but the wife. We'll see. Also got an Urlacher jersey which is a gentleman that plays a little football for the First Place Chicago Bears. Lastly I got a wireless remote for the PS2 which is wife definitely had a theme working and it was nice to get such things that I don't normally buy for myself but love to mess around with.

I had missed the first two showings of the main event and have them all TIVO'd so I watched the first two last night. I was on the broadcast........only you couldn't see me. If either of you two that stop in here from time to time remember I had a stake in MicroBob (sorry...can't link from work) for the 2005 WSOP and volunteered to update his blog as the day went on........if any of you remember the show when Johnny Chan sat down at his table they showed a gentleman talking on his cell phone stating "Johnny Chan is at my table." That was MicroBob and he was talking to me. I saw the good Dr. Pauly and looked for AL but missed him if that's the show he was on.

I stayed up and played in the $6000 gauranteed tourney on Full Tilt which started at 12am on Nov. 1st as a birthday present to myself. 288 players and I went out uneventfully around 122. I will be playing in the WSOP 2006 tourney in Rockford this Sunday and am looking forward to it. Not making it to Trump this Friday night so will hopefully get some online poker in. Maybe I will look to play some MTT's to get ready for Sunday. Played a bunch of HUSNG's on Full Tilt anywhere from $10 - $30 and have been doing quite well. Not sure if those count towards my bonus but I needed a change of pace.

Anyway.....gotta run.

Baz Out