Friday, November 25, 2005

Soft Play?.....No Heart?

Those of you that read Hella Hold 'Em know that I played at Trump Wednesday night. I varied from my Friday night routine thinking that the night before Thanksgiving would be a busy evening in the poker room. It wasn't as busy as I had anticipated but was busy enough to get some solid poker in. I arrived not long after maigrey and was followed shortly by Shelly.

I was seated at the feeder 200 maxNL table and got busy. I was in the 10 seat and Shelly was quickly seated in the 1 seat. Not 10 minutes later the Princess herself was seated in the 9 seat as she moved from the big game. The only hand of real note at the feeder table was when I raised pre-flop with AKs and the board came 10 high rainbow. I bet $15 and was raised by a guy on the end (I think he was in the 4 seat). I mucked and he stated "10 high is good" while showing and something about my Ace King being no good. There were a few comments over on Hella about AK and how they are played in NL cash games. I personally sometimes raise and sometimes limp and I don't always continue betting the flop if missing after I raised pre-flop. It depends on the stack......the number of players still in....who they are and how they position.....etc. It threw me off for a few minutes but I got over it quickly....I don't think I gave away any info here just think I played it in a standard way.........I would have played it exactly the same if I held JJ - AA except for the mucking part which would have been replaced with a re-raise.

I was moved to a main game rather quickly and there were several big stacks at the table. I was in the 1 seat this time and Shelly followed behind me to the same main game and was in the 5 seat. I had to re-buy before too long after my two pair AQ ran into a straight which I knew was out there if he held J 10 and I called anyway.......I should have recognized that right there as a sign I wasn't playing my "A" game. After I re-bought I played a much more soft passive game than I usually do.......I played without heart. Almost like I was playing not to lose my second buy-in and that's a recipe for disaster.

I limped in with AKs and the flop came Ace high with a two flush (not mine). I check called the flop and turn to any two card johnny with the big stack and the river went check check. I took down the pot but was not AT ALL happy with the way I played it. As I'm talking to myself in my head about how soft and scared I played that one I hear any two card johnny whisper to his buddy in the 10 seat about how softly I play hands. Now I was just telling myself in my own head practically the same damn thing........but hearing him say it set me off......I'm not a player prone to tilt.......but I tilted.....and I'm not happy about it.

I had built my stack back up to close to even kick started by the set of 4's against Shelly which you can read about over on Hella. I limped with K 10 suited. The flop came K high rainbow and I bet the pot. Any two cards Johnny doubled my bet and I called. The turn put a goofy straight possible out there and I check raised him.......he re-raised me all in and I had about $140 left. I kept hearing him saying how I play soft......I knew I didn't play this one soft and realized too late I played it WAY TOO hard........I called off the rest of my chips and he had the goofy straight. Truth is he could have EASILY simply had me outkicked. Horrible playing on my part.......I stood up......said good bye to maigrey.......and stopped at the deli to try the maigrey recommended Polish before heading home earlier than I ever have previously.

I learned from the evening.......just wish the lessons weren't so damn expensive.

On a positive note.......ordered a new video card for my computer yesterday......the fan on my current one is going out and I could use the upgrade anyway.

Taking my wife to Empress Saturday night for some -EV Blackjack......should be a good time. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

Til next time.

Baz Out.