Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Neteller Freak Out

I got home earlier than expected tonight so I thought I'd jump on and deposit money at PokerStars and register for the WPBT tourney on Sunday. I logged into Neteller to check my balance and was greeted with a message stating my account had been closed and listed a number to call and which options to push once I got there. Needless to say I was a little freaked out. I called and was greeted with a nice woman's voice....That was automated. I quickly pushed the two options I was given and was promptly talking with a nice gentlemen named Mike. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing fine up until a few moments ago when I tried logging into my Neteller account and it told me it was closed and to call. He asked me a few security questions which I remember answering when I first opened the account and once he was convinced I was the true owner of the account asked if I tried logging in from a different computer than normal. I told him not recently but that I occasionally check on a transaction from work. I then told him that I had just installed DSL yesterday and wondered if that could be the problem. He told me it was showing that the IP address that tried logging in was from another country and when that happens there is an automatic shut down of the account. He was then showing my current IP address as the proper location and reinstated my account. I thanked him and thought it was pretty cool that they had safety measures like this in place to protect me and my account.

I was able to log back in minutes later and all was well. If you are ever going to be in another country and want to access your Neteller account while there contact Neteller first and let them know about it. I even deposited and registered for the WPBT $1500 WSOP tourney on Sunday. I think I was number 43.

Baz Out.