Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend Tourney

I played in a live tourney on Saturday. The same one I won back in February that is held every other month. This time there were only 35 guys (actually 34 guys and one woman) as opposed to the 52 that were in the February tourney. Must have been the beautiful weather we are having. My brother played for the first time and my Dad was there as usual. I meant to bring a small notepad to jot notes but just plain forgot it so details are going to be few and far between.

It was well run like always. I started playing a very patient game with a lot of folding and getting a read on the players at my table. Some guys were ribbing me due to me having one last time and I didn't mind at all. I had only played with one player at the table previously and that was my Dad who happened to draw the seat directly to my right which he wasn't happy with since I play an aggressive style that changes gears which he is familiar with. I only got involved in two real pots with him and neither were showed down.......Once I had a set and he laid his hand down and the other time I had nothing with and when the third flush card hit on the turn and he checked to me after I flat called his flop bet I put out a pot sized bet and he laid it down. I put him on a pocket pair of Queen's or Jack's but still don't know what he had. My Dad and brother both went out about halfway through and my stack went up and down all day. A new guy got seated to my right after my Dad busted out and he was the chip leader of the tourney up to that point by far.....Great. Time to tighten back up. I made the final table and was 3rd or 4th in chips. Long story short.......I took third. I was happy with the way I played and gave myself a chance to win it all for the second time in a row. I wish I had specific details to share but it's all a blur. I ended up drinking way too much (didn't have my first until the final table) and losing some of my payday on some dealer's choice side games until 5am. I don't get to do that too much anymore so it was definitely a good time.

Can't wait until the next one in June......I'll try to have better details next time.

Lastly......I work a ton this week and late a lot of nights but I plan on signing up for the WPBT WSOP tourney for Sunday. Not sure when I'll get a chance to get on and get it done but I plan on it and will do it as soon as possible.

Til then......Baz Out.