Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Odds and Ends.....

Took our newborn to the doctor today and he's almost back to his birth weight which is FANTASTIC NEWS! He's eating like a champ now and as long as he continues to do so he should be just fine. I don't know what it is with my wife and giving birth to boys......Our first son was born a month premature and spent the first several days of his life in NICU with an IV and feeding tube......Our daughter was perfectly fine besides being crabby all the time and wanting things her way on her terms all the time......But I attribute that to her being a girl as well :0).........And now our second son had to be re-admitted to the hospital in the first 2 weeks of his life and had an IV as well......Unbelievable. It could be worse and we are counting our blessings.

My good thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to Felicia in her dealings of the moment. Take care of yourself and get well.

A huge congratulations goes out to doubleas for winning his seat to Aruba! Good Luck!

I hope to be able to make the WPBT tomorrow evening. I'd like to come out with a good showing and see a rise in the WPBT standings. Good luck to all whether or not I am able to make it.

I was actually able to clear the Party bonus last night.........I'm dragging even more than a Dad with a newborn and 2 other kids 3 and under should be but I couldn't let the bonus go without an effort. I had to be up last night for the 1 am feeding anyway so why go to sleep.....Right? The plan was to work it off over the weekend but as you know that went out the window with spending two nights in the hospital.

Besides, I need to prep myself for an upcoming trip. I wish I was about to say I was going to be making it to Vegas for the WPBT Live in June but I'm not. I am, however, going to Vegas. My Mom is taking my Dad to Vegas for his 50th birthday this year. My brother, two sisters, and I are going to surprise him there. Mom knows but it will remain a surprise to Dad. Can't wait! We leave the evening of April 30th and return May 3rd. We will be staying at Bally's because that's where my parents are staying. I've never stayed there so any info or insider tips is appreciated. I saw online that they have a poker room which I didn't think they had before. I'm curious if it's an actual room or they took out some table games and added some poker tables with the recent poker boom. I'm also pumped to be able to check out the new Wynn hotel and casino as it should be open if the opening isn't delayed.

It's my brother's first time in Vegas so he's pumped as am I.......But I'm always pumped when there's a Vegas trip looming. We will be doing something that I've never done before........we aren't getting into Vegas until around 11pm or so and the Saturday night rates at Bally's were ridiculous so we basically don't have a room to check into until Sunday. I don't know how many times my room was mostly wasted anyway because I boozed and gambled all night anyway so we figured what the heck.......We'll simply check our bags at Bally's and hit a club, the poker room, or a club and then the poker room for the night. My folks don't get in until Sunday evening and are staying until Thursday so we'll be able to check in and get a nap in before they arrive.......If we need one.

I'm looking for some suggestions, tips, and information.

Best low buy-in ($100 or less) tourney's Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday? Anyone play in the Flamingo's $55 30 player's Max weekly tourney? What about the Aladdin's weekly $35 with the $5 add-on for 50% more chips and one $20 re-buy? My Dad wants to play a small tourney or two and we'd like to find a decent one for him.

Anyone play in the Golden Nuggets weekly 7pm tourney? It's $125 but I don't like the unlimited $100 rebuys with a $100 add-on.....Not great for our bankrolls unless we've been winning decently up until then.

The only place I've played poker in Vegas has been at the Bellagio. After reading a lot of blogger trip reports I'm looking forward to checking out the games at Aladdin and Excalibur at some point during our stay. Any other suggestions?

Anyway......I'm pumped we're able to surprise my Dad for his 50th. He'll be blown away and it'll be great to be able to play some live casino poker with my old man and brother. Can't wait!

Take Care All......And thanks again for the well wishes and support! Hope to see you at the tables tomorrow night for the WPBT.

Baz Out.