Saturday, April 09, 2005

Up In Limits

I haven't had as much time for much of anything but taking care of the kids the past several weeks. I was able to squeeze in a little online poker over the last couple of weeks. Mostly after the kids go to bed and then I play online up until the 1am feeding which I have been taking care of most nights. It's been working out well. I moved up to $2/$4 last weekend and have been on a rush since I made the move. Not sure what to make of it if anything but I'm just trying to enjoy the ride while it lasts. Since I've made the jump I'm up 132BB. It's definitely been nice.

I'll be cashing out a little bit of my online poker money for live poker money in Vegas the beginning of May. I've never actually cashed out any money yet as I've been working on building the bankroll so my question is how long does it take for the Neteller cash-out to hit my bank account? Anyone?

I'm currently working on the Empire reload bonus and will be using this bonus and the next one to fund the DSL purchase I just made for the next year. I know.....I could I still be using dial-up you are asking yourselves? It's all a matter of finances and with three little ones at home there isn't a ton of money to spread around so we've had to pick and choose. Well the choice is now for DSL. Dial-up actually has never been a problem for me except for the fact that my wife gets aggravated that she can't use the land line when I'm online. I very very rarely get disconnected and have a solid connection the majority of the time. It's been fine for online poker even multi-tabling and rarely gets bogged down unless I'm trying to do other things at the same time. Never the less it is time to make the move to DSL and I'm sure I'll be very glad I finally did it. It will be the first thing that my poker winnings actually buy. A nice feeling.

I have two home games coming up this month. April 16th is the tourney I won in February and there will be a 5% bounty on my head for this one. Looks like it will be somewhere around 48 people. I can't wait to defend my victory! My brother will be playing in this one with me and my Dad for the first time. Then April 23rd I'll be hosting a no limit tourney here at the house. My dad built me a sweet poker table just like his (minus the cup holders which I just have to buy and put in) and it should get broken in. We will see how many people end up making it out. I'm hoping for 18 but we'll see. We'll probably play two no limit tourney's.

Unfortunately I've got to return to work Monday. It's been a hectic and enjoyable 3 weeks off where we welcomed our newest addition into the world but back to work I go. It will be tough to get back into the swing of things but until I'm independently wealthy I must earn that paycheck.

Hope this finds everyone well.

Baz Out