Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Quick Thoughts....

I finished clearing the Empire bonus last night and was on a good run over the 1050 hands at 2/4. Finished up 125BB total during the bonus clearing (without the bonus) which is my personal best run in a LONG while. It felt good. Hopefully I can hold on to it and continue to build it for my Vegas trip the end of the month. I'm still trying to decide how much to cash out to bring for B&M poker vegas style. That probably depends on if I can make it to the final table in my tournament this Saturday and how much I get for it......if anything. If I bust out Saturday and don't make some cash in the side games then I think I'll set a floor of my online bankroll and withdraw whatever I have down to that point. Probably say 300BB at whatever level I want to come back to play online when I return. So if I want to be playing $2/$4 when I get back I'll withdraw everything I have down to $1200 and leave that online for when I get back taking the rest with me to Vegas to buy chips to sling. Haven't fully decided yet. I will then see how it goes in Vegas and can always deposit back if I have a good run and want to put it back into the online roll.

Thoughts a prayers go out to Felicia who will be having her surgery tomorrow morning. Send some thoughts her way everyone. Take care of yourself and good luck.

On the homefront all is well. Our newest addition is doing great and we couldn't be happier.
No online poker for me until Thursday or Friday night. WPT tonight and looking forward to my live tourney on Saturday.
Gotta run

Baz Out.