Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogger Tourney.....Home Game......and More

I played in the WPBT blogger only tourney tonight for the seat in Event #2. I played well but kept my chip stack pretty much average or just below average. The couple of big hands I caught I got no action so I basically got the blinds and maybe a limper. Ultimately my pocket Jacks went down to pocket Aces when my 3 or 4X the BB raise from MP was called in LP. The flop was all undercards and I ended up all in with my two outer never coming putting me out 38th. My chips were put to good use however as they went to Bob who ended up winning the seat to represent the bloggers in the $1500 NLHE event at the WSOP June 3rd. Good luck to him and hopefully we'll have another one of these as it was a BLAST!

I hosted a home game Saturday night which was a success. Broke in the new poker table of which I need to take some pictures of and post. We ended up with 10 people and played two tourney's (one $20 and one $10 tourney). We only had 8 for the second tourney as two people bailed after busting out of tourney number 1. We started with T300 and each blind level was 20 minutes long which allowed plenty of play which was great. The players at the game were of various levels of experience from beginner (2) to average (majority) to solid (3). It was a good time made even more enjoyable by the fact that I won both games. Another little bit of money to add to my poker bankroll for this weekend. I don't have any specific details as I drink and enjoy myself at this game even moreso than normal.

Speaking of this coming weekend.............I cannot wait! We fly out Saturday night and I'm pumped. My bankroll is in great shape and I'm looking forward to taking it to the tables in Vegas. I just put in for my first cash out of Neteller tonight so now......Officially........All of the money in my online bankroll is poker profit. My cash out is more than I've ever deposited combined. What a nice feeling. I just needed a little bit more to take with me for everything this weekend......Now the weekend just needs to get here! I have a small memo book I'm bringing with me so hopefully I take some notes that make some kind of sense and can give a nice trip report upon my return. I'll do my best.

Working on the Party reload bonus between now and then. Got in 250 hands tonight with 450 left to go to finish it off. Finished tonight after 2 hours up 56BB. Hopefully I can continue more of that and get the bonus to sweeten the deal. was a nice weekend overall. I'll be in Vegas next weekend so it doesn't get too much sweeter than that. Can't wait.

Til then.
Baz Out