Friday, April 22, 2005

Home Game And Blogger Satellite

This weekend brings a home game and the Blogger satellite to WSOP Event #2. I am having some people over Saturday night for a couple of NLHE tourney's which should be a good time. We are sitting at 10 confirmed right now and I'd like to keep it there or get at least another 4 or 5 minimum to start with two solid tables. We will play a $20 game followed by a $10 game which seems about the comfort zone for the majority of people that will be attending. My Dad made me a sweet poker table and Saturday night it will get it's cherry popped. I unfortunately I have to work all morning but will have enough time to get things organized and ready before our start time.

Sunday night will then be the blogger satellite for the $1500 WSOP Event #2 seat to represent the bloggers. It would be AWESOME to win this seat. The crew.....Who? These are bloggers baby and they'll be representing in FULL FORCE! What an awesome feeling some blogger will have in that tournament having so many people cheering and rooting for them. We shall see if it is destined to be me. First thing I have to sort out the connection problems I'm having at the house. Minor glitch I believe......We shall see once I get home tonight.

Hope to play some online poker tonight if I can sort it out in a reasonable amount of time. I hear the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit so will be spending time on the regular $2/$4 tables tonight. Look for me.....I'm not hard to find.

Baz Out.