Friday, January 21, 2005

Have you ever had "that scare"?

I had a hard time being excited about our upcoming trip to KC..........I mean, I was looking forward to it but had other more serious issues to deal with prior to our trip. Have you ever thought or been led to believe you had cancer? I have had close family members diagnosed with cancer and none of them are around never took long. My grandfather just a year ago this March was seemingly healthy and happy.........having a brand new condo built in Florida to go live in..........then one day ambulance ride........cancer in a little over a week. It's amazing how life can just drudge on day to day at times and at the most unexpecting time take a sharp turn......or 180 degree u-turn.

So there I was........feeling this pain and mass of "stuff". How could I be excited about our trip when I had appointments with doctors trying to figure out what the hell was wrong........getting ultrasounds to "see" the mass. Hearing the phrase "we might have to get a biopsy" is not a good thing in my experience. Trying to keep my frame of mind positive for me, my wife, my family.

Going in to get the results that day was a scary day.........just a couple of days before our trip.....and then as quickly as it all all went away. Nothing serious. Just take a pill a day for 10 days and all will be ok. It may bother from time to time but no "C" word. Joy. A new perspective on life. A moment in time that causes one to look at their priorities in life and reevaluate. All in all life is short.

Sorry for the deepness of this post.......about as deep as I'll ever get anyway.......this was the frame of mind I was in just prior to our trip to KC. Next post will have poker......promise.

Baz Out