Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Rest of KC Trip Report

So now that we were done with our Ameristar trip we got back to the house and began the rest of the weekends festivities. (I lobbied to return to the Ameristar on Friday but we were unable to make it due to the baby shower upcoming.......not sure I mentioned before the "real reason" we made the trip) As I said before, we definitely gamble it up when we get together and they have a sweet basement set-up with a pool table, shuffleboard table, bar (No SoCo....sorry Al), and TV with the PS2. Needless to say the wives know where to find us when they're looking.

So Thursday evening was spent on various games of pool, shuffleboard, and PS2 (Madden and Tiger Woods). We have a standing $5/game and only vary from that when someone is trying to get back to even. After several games of nine ball I was down $20 and we moved to shuffleboard. I climbed back to $10 down after we went back and forth on the shuffleboard table. We then moved to play a couple games of Tiger Woods to finish off the night and I lost both of them putting me back at $20 down for the night......not a great start by any means.

Friday, the wives had a ton of crap to get done during the day so I had the kids. The only gambling that took place during the day was during nap time and that was a game of Madden of which I won getting back to $15 down.

That evening my brother-in-laws buddy came over and we played some 3-man shuffleboard. I won 3 straight getting even with my brother-in-law and getting up on his buddy $15. ICE got there and wanted to get the cards rolling so we started playing 4 handed NLHE tourney's at $5 each.

We ended up playing 9 games total.
4 at $5 each
4 at $10 each
1 for $20 each

I won 2 for $5 each and 2 for $10 each basically breaking even because I owed $20 to his one buddy and ICE owed me $20 so he simply paid it off. The games were VERY LOOSE AGGRESSIVE. The only specific handI remember is I was getting slightly short stacked but not short enough for an automatic call on an all-in.....I still had enough to put the hurt on someone had I won.......there were three of us left and I was the small blind. The button limped and I pushed All-In with a pair of ducks hoping to pick up the blind and his bet. Well.....the BB called and the limper folded.........we turned our hands and he called my All-In with a pair of ducks! The flop came heart, heart, heart.....Turn was a heart.....flop x.......and he had the 2 of hearts. Unbelievable! It was an enjoyable evening and I was getting pumped for the home tourney following the baby shower the next day.

It was a couples baby shower which meant we ate, the ladies opened gifts, and the men drank, gambled, and watched football downstairs. When the gifts were done we began getting set-up and ready for the home tourney. We set-up two table tops and counted out the chips. There were 12 total playing with a $10 buy-in. We had two tables and drew cards for tables and seats. There were two ladies playing with one being my wife. I was happy that we were at seperate tables to start. My wife is actually getting pretty good for not playing often and has learned alot by simply listening to me talk and watching the various poker on TV with me. The play was very passive at my table and very aggressive at the other table. They lost three players before we lost any so we drew cards to even out the tables........I got moved and found myself seated to the left of my wife and short stacked for the table considering they had knocked out 3 and we still had all 6. Oh well.....hunker down and pick your spots I told myself. I won a couple of small pots and lost a couple medium pots by the time we got our final 6. We combined tables and I found myself again to the left of my wife and to the right of the other lady (both ladies made it to the final table much to the dismay of many guys) who was a HUGE calling station. She didn't raise not once all night and called with all kinds of junk. I battled and simply survived as the rest picked each other off.......I was proud of my wife......she flopped the nut straight on a non-flush board......she check-raised the chip leader all-in and he called her with top two she began to get excited he hit his runner runner flush knocking her out. She questioned me about the hand several times over the next day and I thought she played it perfectly......she's analyzing her play now......I might have competition for computer poker time before too long.....uh oh.

Anyway.......the other guys had started a dealer's choice game on the open table and our chip leader was itching to get over there as money was flying around left and right.......he staked his cousin in the game until he was done with the tourney telling him they'd split any profits and losses were on him. I simply survived and stayed out of the big stacks way winning a couple decent sized pots and a bunch of small ones to stay afloat. I made the final two and was outshipped AT LEAST 20-1. I was getting set to hunker down for a dog fight when he asked if I wanted to chop the winnings 50/50. It was set to go $100 to the winner and $20 to 2nd so I said sure thing.......we split it up and I had my cash for the dealer's choice games. I normally don't like to make deals but that one definitely favored me and not that I don't think I could have battled would have been tough and taken a long time.

So we started the tourney around 8:30pm and split the cash around 12:30am........time for the cash games. I bought in for $40 and paid off an old $20 debt from my last visit during golf season and I was lucky it was only $20 (I hate having old debts but that one was unavoidable at the time). I started off doing well getting up almost $100 and then some of those crazy dealer's choice games reared there ugly heads and I got hammered.......3,5,7.....guts......etc....etc...etc. I ended up giving it all back plus taking another $20 out of my pocket. So when 4:30am hit and we broke the game I was down $20 for the night.

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday night and playing games of Madden and Tiger. I ended up breaking even with my brother-in-law by winning a final game of Madden of which I was undefeated at over the course of the weekend.....which didn't sit too well with him.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend visit in KC and I definitely look forward to our next trip out.

Baz Out.