Monday, May 08, 2006

Slow Rolled

Played in a home tourney this weekend. It’s the second time I’ve played this particular home tourney. I took second last month and this month I didn’t do quite as well. I think I was playing well. It was the third level and my table was most of the same guys I had played with last time. Two new faces at my starting table with one I have played with a lot previously and one I only played with for a short time at the final table last month (who was seated to my immediate right). I was the chip leader at my table by the third level and rolling along well when the following hand came up. I was dealt A 10 suited in LP. It was folded to the guy on my right who limped (he had limped most pots up to that point). I raised 3X the BB and the big blind called along with the limper. The flop came Q 9 7 rainbow. It was checked to me and I bet the pot. The big blind folded and the guy on my right called. The turn was a deuce of the fourth suit. He checked to me and I bet the pot. He called. At this point I put him on some pair but not a big pair. I had watched this guy lay down a made flush the previous orbit to a big bet. The river was a Jack and he checked to me again. I couldn’t win without betting so I bet almost the size of the pot again. He insta-called and I knew I was in trouble but was surprised when he flipped over pocket 4’s. I mucked and was left short stacked but not without room to wiggle. Two hands later I was dealt pocket 3’s and there was a raise of double the big blind. The guy on my right called and I called so three of us saw the beautiful flop of 3 7 K rainbow. The first guy checked, the guy on my right bet the same amount as pre-flop, and I was the only caller. The turn was a 4 and he bet the same amount and I called. The river was a 6 putting a possible straight out there if he held a 5 and he checked. I bet about the size of the pot leaving me with only T375 behind and was prepared to put it all-in if raised. He called and instantly flipped over a 7 stating he had 7’s. I flipped my cards stating I had trip 3’s. He then said, “Oh, I also have this card giving me a straight” and flipped over a 5. The Mother Fucker slow rolled me! I wasn’t pissed about the cards he played because he was seeing every flop with the any two cards can win mentality. I wasn’t pissed about the runner runner gutshot to the nuts. I was pissed that he slow rolled me. I said “thanks for the slow roll” in my most sarcastic tone. He replied, “I didn’t mean to slow roll, I was just having fun and I called you so you needed to show your cards first.” Of course I replied, “Then table both of your cards or wait for me to table mine before showing yours down. Slow rolling is a dick move and should never be done.” I then added, “By the way, nice value call with the nuts.”

I was pissed about the slow roll…….it was the first time anyone ever slow rolled me and it sucked even in a low buy-in home tourney. I went out first after doubling up once and then watching my K Q off-suit go down to the same slow roll jag bag who held…..wait for it……pocket 3’s. Yes, the same pocket 3’s that I held less than an orbit before and tripped up. I went outside to cool down and then went back in to watch my Dad take down the tournament with a win. At least it was all in the family. Once they combined to one table we started a side game which initially began as limit hold ‘em but would progress to dealer’s choice once the tourney ended. I was in a gambling mood by this point and won two big pots in a row when I caught runner runner flushes. The first one I had Ah 8h and a great guy sitting on my immediate right raised so I naturally re-raised, it was called back to me so I capped it off and saw a flop of A J 2 with one heart. It was bet and called by the time it got to me so I raised and had two callers. The turn was the 4 of hearts and it was bet and called before getting to me so I raised and both called. The river was the 6 of hearts giving me the nuts and it amazingly was bet and raised ahead of me so I re-raised and both called. I showed my nut flush and they both mucked. On the very next hand I was dealt Kc Jc and raised a community of limpers and we saw a family pot when everyone called. Now we were playing only 5 handed at this point so I was playing very loose and very aggressive. The flop came 9 5 2 with one club. It was bet with two callers when it got to me after stating “raise” I announced I was going to hit runner runner again while my chips tumbled into the pot. Everyone called. The turn was the Queen of clubs and it was bet and called before reaching me. I raised, there was a fold, it was re-raised, called, I capped it, and it was called around. The river was the beautiful Ace of clubs and it was checked to me, I bet, and it was called around where I showed my runner runner nut flush for the second hand in a row.

By the end of the evening I had won back my side game buy-in, my tournament buy-in, and made a whopping $7 profit on the night. Better than a loss but didn’t even cover breakfast for the family on Sunday. All in all it was a great time. I won’t be able to make it to their next month’s game to watch my Dad defend his 1st place finish as I will be in Vegas. ONE MONTH FROM TODAY I WILL BE IN VEGAS!!!! Can’t wait!

This weekend I will be attending a part-charity poker tournament courtesy of an invite from your favorite Hella Hold ‘Em player Shelly. I’ll be bringing my wife along as well. It’s nice when I can include her on a poker event like this as she likes to play tournament style poker but doesn’t get the chance too often. Well we have Grandma stepping in and I’ll be taking her out to dinner before the game. It’s for a great cause and is a great idea by the hosts. Instead of getting sponsors for their walk or bike ride to raise money for the American Cancer Society they are having this poker tourney with re-buys. It’s a great cause, great idea, and looking forward to a great evening of poker.

Baz Out.