Thursday, April 13, 2006

At Empress Without A Princess.....but with a Phlyersphan

I made it out to Empress last night for some 5/10 limit hold 'em. When I arrived I found Shelly seated and looking to take down some pots. It felt good to be able to get back out and play some live poker. Shelly did a nice write up of the night in a nut shell up to the point where she left.......go to Hella Hold 'Em for the first portion of the evening. It was nice to get the seat change next to Shelly as the seat I initially started in was seat 11 (they play 11 handed at Empress) right next to the dealer which I usually love but felt "off" to me this evening. Shelly and I were able to socialize, which is a great thing about live poker, without hollering across the table at each other.

I planned on leaving shortly after Shelly.......was going to only play an orbit or two.......BUT........
we got down to six handed and everyone at the table was still playing as if we had a full table. I started raising with any ace and any any two paint and started taking down small pot after small pot. My stack slowly grew. It was then that we got a couple new players and I again thought to more orbit and I'll take off......halfway through that orbit the 10/20 game which had been playing 4 handed for over an hour broke and they came into the 5/10 game with their big stacks. I figured there's a chance they'd still be in "4 handed" hand selection mode and wanted to stick around to see if I could get my hands on some of those chips. Unfortunately there's not a fabulous story to tell. I won a couple of smaller pots and one good size one when my AQ vs. another guy's KQ won on a Queen high ragged flop.

All in all it was a good night at the tables. Nice to play with a fellow blogger live.........nice to play live.....period.

I look forward to getting back again soon......

Until then....

Baz Out