Saturday, April 08, 2006

Still Here.......

I'm still here.......guessing the minimal traffic I once had has diminished even further.

I haven't been playing as much poker these days for three reasons:

1) Bankroll isn't what it was due to a cashout and bad run immediately following.

2) Family time has been taking up more and more time recently.

3) The minimal time I have been online lately.....a lot of it was prepping for my fantasy baseball auction. I'm really bummed I missed the one DP put together......that would have been a blast. I didn't read about it until it was WAY behind on my blog reading.

I've played in a few home games and a few MTT on Full Tilt along with some RAZZ.

Hoping to get out to Empress this week......Shelly....drop me an e-mail if you're planning on heading out there any evening this week. I haven't been to Majestic II since the bomb dropped and they let go all those dealers........not sure if I will go......if I'm dying to play live on a Friday or Saturday night I might head straight to Resorts.....we'll see.

Gotta Run....Hope everyone is well.

Baz Out