Saturday, October 22, 2005

Trump 10/21/05

I made it out to Trump for some more live poker action Friday night. I was torn between playing in the 200max NL game or sticking with 6/12 which had been fairly rockish the last couple of times I played. I decided to put my name on both lists and look at the 6/12 lists when I arrived and decide from there.

I got there around 9:15 pm which is earlier than I normally get there. After a quick check of the 6/12 tables there were lots of new faces with a sprinkling of the old solid players here or there so I decided 6/12 was where it was at for the evening.

I played a solid game but didn't get much of anything unless you count small pocket pairs, of which I got plenty........they were all pocket 5's and less and the first time I connected for a set was with pocket 4's the only problem being I turned the set after 3 diamonds hit the flop and it checked two 4's were black and the turned 4 guessed it.....the 4 of diamonds.....easy release with a bet.

I was down almost $300 at one point but battled back leave around 3 am just over $100 up. The following hand helped......pocket 4's again in the small blind with 7 people seeing a flop which came 3 4 3 with two to the flush.......beautiful! I checked and a MP tight player bet with a raise by another player and I simply call and four of us see a turn for two bets. The turn was an offsuit 8 and I checked with another bet and raise of which I simply called again (probably should have re-raised here) and three of us see the river for 2 big bets. The river was the 9 completing the potential flush and the MP lead out bettor fires out a bet before I even have the chance to check. I say, "Isn't it my option?" To which he apologizes and pulls his bet back.......I check (I planned on betting originally so as to not take the chance of it checking around but with him so eager to bet I changed my mind), he bets, we lose the 3rd player, and I say, "I'll raise." He pauses and studies the board again quickly before calling and I show him my full house.......he mucks his cards with an aggravated look and there are some ooohs from the table and mumblings of "he flopped the house".....while the drunk kid across from me states, "He slow played the nuts."........I simply reply, "I loved my hand.....but it wasn't the nuts."

My favorite hand of the night came after I hadn't played a pot in AWHILE and hadn't had a hand to raise with for a LONG WHILE.......the table overall had gotten a little squeaky tight and I thought my image was a tight one....but was everyone paying attention.....Let's find out......I'm UTG and am dealt the hammer....."RAISE" and I toss out twelve. It then proceeded to fold around to the Big Blind who looks at me and says, "You haven't raised since I sat down over an hour ago." "You must have a monster, take it."......he then mucks his cards and as the dealer pushes the blinds my way I slam my cards face up in the middle and state, "A Monster Hammer!"......the table went nuts and couldn't believe I raised UTG with the "worst hand in poker". Needless to say that one hand caused me to get additional callers later in the evening and there were constant comments about it the rest of the was awesome :o)

I am looking forward to playing in the blogger tournament tomorrow afternoon and was glad I could help point out to Decker that it was in fact on Sunday and not Saturday.

Hope to see many of you in the will be interesting.

Good luck and have a great weekend.

Baz Out