Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Quick post......been swamped lately......NO ONLINE POKER in several weeks.

I did cash out of my Empire account until the dust settles from all this Party skin hoopla.

Just learned I will be in town the weekend of the 23rd for the blogger poker tourney on Stars after thinking I would be out of town so I'll be registering for that here by this weekend and looking forward to it.

I did make it out to Trump for live poker with my Dad Friday night after a two week hiatus.......ended up down only $40 for the night after being almost $400 stuck halfway through playing 6/12. Nothing memorable to note. Then got hammered Saturday night in a dealer's choice home game for $300......rough one.

Looks like I'll be heading back to Trump Friday night late again. Friday nights seem like the only night in the week right now I can get any poker in and if I get the chance to head to Trump for live action I'd much rather do that than play online. My online roll has been suffering due to it but I've really enjoyed my live Trump nights and hope to continue them.

Still haven't gotten to meet up with Shelly or Maigrey...........hopefully soon.

I'm keeping a curious eye on what's going on with Party and the skin situation........will be interesting to see how it all plays itself out......we shall see.

I'm one of six guys left in an NFL Survivor Pool.....started with 28......getting tougher and tougher week to week....we shall see.

I'm also not one to put my picks out there but anyone else think 11 1/2 points is a lot for Notre Dame to be getting against USC this Saturday.......especially with having last week off and two weeks to prepare. I think USC will win but Notre Dame will cover.......I'd take ND and the points.


Hope this finds everyone well.

Baz Out