Sunday, September 18, 2005

Online play....finally...and a DIFFERENT night at Trump

I played online twice this week after not having played since the end of August. Playing mostly on Empire now with one table of Full Tilt for the time being. I got hammered at Full Tilt since making my initial deposit losing the majority of my $600 working on slowly building that back up and continuing to try and release that bonus. Nothing remarkable to note.....just been busy with work, family, and playing live once a week at Trump.

I made it out to Trump Friday night but did not play one hand of poker........Why you ask?

Well.....I hadn't taken my wife out in a LONG time....not just the two of us.....having 3 kids 4 and under will tend to do that.......she had been wanting to go gamble and the last couple of times she had plans to make it out they fell through for one reason or another. Now we could have gone to a couple of establishments closer to home but she wanted the option to play poker so after putting the kids to bed Friday mother was kind enough to come stay at the house and we heading to Trump. We got there around 9:30pm and found ourselves a blackjack table with two seats open next to each other. My wife is really starting to get basic strategy for blackjack down pat and is getting more and more comfortable at a blackjack table.

After sitting there for two hours we were both up almost double our buy-ins and my wife told me to check the lists up in the poker room. They were basically non-existent which surprised me and when I got back she said she wanted to play a little longer....get up just a little bit more before trying her hand at poker. Of course....things went downhill from there. We never made it up to play poker....I lost my full buy-in by the end and my wife ended up just a little. We played for 4 hours and had a great time. I would have liked to play some poker but this night was about the lovely lady I share my life with......and the bottom line was she had a good time.....and so did I.

I plan on heading to Trump Friday night again....this time for some poker possibly with my brother. It will be late.....probably not before 10pm.

I sure wish I could make the WPBT this time.....can't happen. Sounds like it will be another good turn out......I know it will be a blast.....maybe someday.

Til next time...

Baz Out.