Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not much to note.....

Not much to blog about as of late. Played a couple of hours on Empire Sunday night and it was my first online session in a week. Won a couple hundred with 3 tables of 2/4 and 1 table of 3/6. I stopped my Full Tilt play for the moment as I've lost about $450 there since I did my intitial deposit. I need to focus on my decisions and play instead of the results and until I have the time to determine what has caused the downswing I'm holding off. I may play a little 1/2 there this coming weekend.....maybe running into a hella hold 'em playa that I hear is frequenting those tables.

I've definitely got the live poker bug eating at me weekly. I made another run out to Trump on Friday the 12th and logged another nice session at 6/12. I then switched to the 200 max NL and broke even at that table after a couple hours there. I need to log a public apology to a certain Poker Princess for not stopping over at the 1000 max game to say hi. My shyness gene kicked in and it never seemed like a "good" time to bother her while playing. I thought ahead of time that it would be great to finally meet some bloggers but when faced with the situation I bailed. Sorry maigrey......it won't happen next time.

Speaking of next time. I will be heading to Trump again this Saturday night....not Friday this weekend as my wife has "girl's night out" so it's just me with the kids. Any Chicagoland bloggers interested I'll be there and will do my damndest to at the very least hunt you down at some point and say "Hi". If not able to sit in the same game and chat.

Gotta run.

Baz Out.