Saturday, July 30, 2005

Juicy 6/12 at Trump

Made a run to Trump Friday night to get in some live poker.....6/12 to be exact. This was the first time we didn't run into a ton of traffic due to accidents and/or construction and before we knew it we were at our exit and hadn't even called in to get on the waiting list yet. That was at 9:30pm. The room was hopping when we got in and just about every table was running a the time we were seated at 10pm every table had a game on it.

We were seated at a brand new 6/12 game. My brother and I locked our seats (me the 4 seat and him the 6 seat) and went to buy chips. We were at a table on the side of the room that doesn't have the automatic shufflers which I didn't like at first as it meant we would get in fewer hands in our time there. It never ceases to amaze me what people sit down with to play.....the 1 seat had a rotation of several people in the first hour sitting with less than $100 to play......the 2 seat was a solid player who was loose aggressive.....the 3 seat was a solid tight aggressive player......I was in the 4 seat......the 5 seat was tight brother was the 6 seat and is tight passive (we're working on that)......the 7 seat was LOOSE PASSIVE......the 8 seat was tight passive........the 9 seat was LOOSE PASSIVE.

It was a good table that I got a good read on fairly early. There was a ton of calling with 4-6 seeing flops most of the time. There was only one time all night that the blinds were chopped. I looked down to see pocket 4's early on and saw a flop with 4 others of K 5 4 rainbow. It was bet, called, and I thought of raising but decided to call and we lost one. The turn was a King and I prayed at least one of my opponents had a King. I wasn't worried about pocket Kings because it wasn't raised pre-flop. It was bet and called and I sat there for a moment as if deciding what to do before I was saying raise the dealer already had burned and was turning the river card up.........I yelled Whoa! She was very apologetic but I wasn't happy.....She called the floor over and both players called my raise as it was decided the river card would be shuffled in and a new river card would be produced. The "dead" river card was the 6 of hearts and the new river card was a Jack. I still didn't think this helped anyone and bet when it was checked to me with both players calling. They both had a King and I turned my full house taking down a nice pot.

I was folding a lot and chatting up my side of the table. About halfway throught the session I noticed my raises were getting solid respect and I started using this to my advantage selectively. The one Loose passive guy would call down anyone with any pair from the board except he started folding to a bet on the river from me if he didn't improve further. He was the any ace...any paint player.

The big hand of the night came when I held 7 8 clubs in MP and called....5 saw the flop. The flop was Q 10 9 with the 9 and Queen being clubs. Any comments on how I played this hand are very much appreciated. It was checked to me and I bet. The player on my immediate left raised and I put him on a straight draw or made straight right away. The loose player in the 7 seat then re-raised which meant he had any two cards and paired the board....most probably a Queen since he re-raised and was mostly oblivious to the draws out there. I debated folding for a minute or two but was confident that if I hit my flush it would pay off. I called. The player on my left then capped it which told me he made his straight and most probably K J which would have my straight draw dead. The loose player called and I called. The turn was an offsuit 4 and I checked....the 5 seat bet....and we both called. The river was the 2 of clubs which completed my flush. As I was going to bet, something nagged at me that the player to my left could have the K J of clubs and I checked. It then checked through and I took it down with my flush. The 5 seat did indeed have K J for the flopped straight but only had the King of clubs.....the 7 seat never showed but I'd bet he had top pair.

I was mad at myself for not sticking with my read and initial instinct when my flush card hit. It was still a huge pot but could have been slightly bigger. Any thoughts or comments on my play here?

All in all it was a great night and the table broke up around 1:30 am and I cashed out up $513. My brother didn't fair well as he was card dead and the couple of hands he hit were outdrawn.

I definitely look forward to my next excursion to Trump.

Baz Out.