Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I hosted a home tourney following my oldest son's party Saturday night. It ended up being only 7 people (after I thought 12 would make it) with 5 being family members. We paid top 2 and nobody in my family cashed.....that's right.....the only two non-family players took our money and ran. On top of wife knocked my father and me out of the tournament which means every tournament I've hosted that she's played in she has knocked out not only me.....but my Dad as well. My Dad's was brutal as he hit a full house with A 2 in the big blind with a flop of A 2 K and turned another 2.....only problem was my lovely wife didn't raise her pocket kings pre-flop and her Kings full took out his 2's full.......that was that. My wife is excellent until it gets short handed and then she is not aggressive enough......if she doesn't catch cards then she's dead....she'll keep improving though.

I've been playing RAZZ on full tilt for a change of pace while I play a SNG or's brutal. I need to get back to hold 'em for now.

I'm looking at possibly making another run to Trump Friday night......might be the last chance I get to go for awhile. I might try the 200 max NL game.....we shall see.

I used a portion of my last Trump winnings to give my wife Friday morning off......that's right....I have ALL 3 kids and she's going to the salon for a facial and pedicure. Sometimes I think she thinks it's more work once she gets home because we tend to get rough and make messes......I will make a conscious effort to clean up BEFORE she gets home this time instead of AFTER. I know she enjoys the small window of time away and I'm glad to be able to send her......of course it doesn't hurt my chances of going back for live poker more often when I share my winnings in ways like this but it's not my motivation......she busts her ass at home with the kids and deserves reward/'s things we wouldn't be able to afford otherwise....enjoy it honey.

Til next time...

Baz Out