Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Updated the blogroll today and boy oh was long overdue. My apologies to those of you I've read for a long time and failed to link up......unexcusable.

I tried logging into Empire and it was giving me all kinds of problems.....anybody else have problems tonight? I was able to log into Party no problem....but good. Lately I've been playing two tables of 3/6 at Empire and two tables of 2/4 at Full Tilt together. Have been happy with the results thus far....we shall see.

I'm playing cards of some type Friday that is......either heading to Trump with my brother for some 6/12 or playing dealer's choice at a buddy's house......waiting to hear from my brother to find out for sure as he may have an obligation to tend to instead.

Anyway....til next time...

Baz Out