Saturday, July 09, 2005

Trump 7/8/05

Went to Trump riverboat casino in Indiana last night for some live poker action. My brother and I left the house around 8:45pm after getting the kids to bed for the night. We hit major traffic due to (what we finally discovered) an accident and didn't arrive until just before 11pm (twice as long as it should have taken). I had called and got us wait listed for 6/12 at 9:50pm and you have an hour to get there from the time you call. We obviously were late getting to the poker room around 11:05pm and checked in......the supervisor was cool and simply checked us in stating we were next up for 6/12 and we went to buy chips. The room was mostly full with only a couple tables not being used which surprised me for a Friday night. I was seated first in the 3 seat not 5 minutes after getting chips with my brother getting a seat at the same table in the 8 seat not long after.

It was a decent table with most of the players being weak passive. Overall it was fairly uneventful....I was up about $100 for awhile then went down almost $200 before going on a rush right before the table broke at 2:45am to get back to even......exactly even. I cashed out for the EXACT DOLLAR amount I cashed in for so after tipping I guess I made a tiny bit of money. I got several mid pocket pairs that never hit with my pocket 8's and 10's actually taking down pots with fairly harmless boards. My pocket Queen's got beat when a new loose aggressive sat down around 2am immediately to my left. He called my raise (two bets cold) with 8 9s and the flop came 6 7 J.....he caught a 10 on the turn for the straight and hit his flush on the river. I had bet the turn and he raised me.....I re-raised him and he re-raised me back and I figured I was in trouble but thought he had a set (although it seemed he could have top pair with the limited info I had on him) I never put him on the straight or flush draw since he called the two bets cold and bet into him on the river when the third to the flush hit.....he didn't like his flush because he just called and took down a nice size pot.

I wasn't happy with my play overall......I am way more aggressive with my online play. I think I look at my live poker chips too much like "real money" and when I'm able to make that seperation I'll probably see an improvement in my live game. I don't have that problem in live tournaments and think it's just a mental thing that I can hopefully get over.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Baz Out