Thursday, July 07, 2005


It's been too long since my last post.

Hasn't been much to report...was out of town a bunch and have only just gotten back to playing online since returning on the 5th.

Over the 4th weekend I gambooled it up with my two brother-in-laws and a friend of one of theirs who was in visiting from out of town. We played $5-$10 games of bocce ball and washers (teams and individual), blackjack tournaments, and....of course....Texas Hold 'Em.

I won two out of three (first and third)hold 'em tournaments coming from behind as the short stack both times....the third game I was severely short when we started heads up action. Both times my brother-in-law (the one I always play heads up when at the in-laws house) won $20 from the friend I was heads-up with because he bet him I would beat him even though I was short stacked.

I lost about $35 playing blackjack all weekend but made around $150 between bocce ball/washers/hold em. It was a GOOD weekend.

I'll be heading to Trump for some live poker Friday night. Shelly from Hella Hold 'Em was supposed to be meeting us but something came up and she can't this time girl. Donkeypuncher can't make it this time of these days we'll get out there together.

Anyway....take care.....til next time.

Baz Out