Tuesday, January 04, 2005

In the HOF

Ryne Sandberg gets in the Hall of Fame today...........along with Wade Boggs. He got just barely enough votes to get in but got in all the same. Boggs went in easily on his first try and it is well deserved.

This will be the first time this is mentioned in this blog but I am a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan. Sandberg was the second baseman for the Cubs when I was growing up.......I idolized him as a kid and played second base all my years of baseball.......except the younger years when the better kids always play shortstop and pitch.

My grandmother passed away several years ago at an all too young age and some of my fondest memories growing up are riding the train and taking a bus with her to sit in the bleachers at Wrigley Field for a summer afternoon game. The first game I ever went to as a kid in person Ryne Sandberg hit two home runs and the Cubs won. I'll never forget it. We always stopped at my great-grandmother's on the way home and she'd cook up a traditional Italian feast with sausage, pasta and gravy......the works. You better not have eaten too much at the park because you were eating at great-grandma's house!

Congratulations to Ryne Sandberg on this fine accomplishment.......and to all you bloggers and blog readers out there.......whether you are a baseball fan or not........there's nothing like an afternoon at Wrigley Field.....I'd highly recommend getting there in the not too distant future for a game.......you won't forget it.