Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Down in the dumps

The last couple of days I've felt like I was hit by a Mack Truck.........Damn Flu! I finished off my Empire bonus Monday night and went to bed feeling pretty good.......I had recovered half of my 30BB down swing from Sunday night and cleared the bonus on top of that. I woke up Tuesday morning and didn't feel quite right. By the time lunch time rolled around on Tuesday I was freezing cold and had made a couple bathroom runs. The thought of eating the sandwich in my lunch bag made my stomach turn........I ordered a bowl of Chicken Noodle soup from the lunch line and got about half of it down. One more hour and I could take off for the day.......I made it.....barely. When I got home I went straight to bed and remember little else until 9pm. My fever had broke and it was at that point I was hoping it was a 24 hr. flu. I was supposed to take the dogs to my parents house as we have tickets on a plane to Kansas City tonight for a long weekend........I'm supposed to be playing live poker at this time on Thursday with a home game on Friday and Saturday night at my brother-in-laws. My wife......being the trooper that she is.....loaded up the kids and the dogs and made the trek to her in-laws. Thanks. Now if I can just get through today......I made it into work today and simply need to get through most of the day. I'm feeling shaky at best and will be able to knock off slightly early if need be. Live poker and a heck of a weekend awaits......just gotta make it through the plane ride. I love the visits to KC as it's always a gambling weekend.......we gamble on everything......shuffleboard......pool.....Madden and Tiger Woods on PS2......and of course......Poker. It's a grand time.

Wish me luck on improving as the day goes on and an uneventful plane ride this evening. I'm wishing and hoping I'll make it.

A poker tidbit.......I had my second review Monday evening and learned a lot about my play. It's great to have someone go over hands I've played with me and show me good things I've done as well as things I should have done differently. Pointing out how passive I've been playing was the main leak this time. I knew I was being more passive lately and it was painfully obvious during the review session. I improved calling down when I know I'm beat but having solved it yet. The point is......this has been a great resource for me to improve my game. The information in Poker Tracker is overwhelming to me and to have guys who play for a living go over my hand histories and walk me through things is immensely helpful to me. It's like being sweated by anyone who's better than you.....they can help you with an objective perspective of your game. It's helped me tons already and I can't wait to return from my long weekend away to get back onto the online tables and put this new knowledge to work.

This will be my last post until next week sometime.
Until then.
Baz Out.