Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bonus Whoring and Unexpected Live Poker Upcoming

Checked Neteller this morning and my withdrawal FINALLY made it there......lost a Friday night of poker that I was planning on playing.........oh well......tonight I make my Party deposit and hit the tables hard! I don't have the bankroll to take full advantage of the bonus......YET.....but I will put everything I have there in the meantime to take advantage as best I can.......should clear what I'll get very very easily.

I just found out that on my trip to Kansas City in a couple weeks I'll be getting in a day of live poker. My brother-in-law has planned a "guys excursion to the riverboat to play some hold 'em". He's never played in a casino/riverboat and wants to give it a try. A couple of his buddies will be joining us as will be a whole morning and afternoon of will be interesting to see how it is handled on the riverboats in KC. One of his buddies is a dealer at another riverboat in KC and has a lot of info on the various boats available. I'm looking forward to it.