Saturday, November 13, 2004

First Night at Empire

Last night I deposited my bankroll at Empire after deciding over a week ago to leave UB and move over to Party/Empire where I hear the games are fishy, fishy, fishy. In addition to being my first night at Empire......It was also my first night using Poker Tracker and that kept me busy while I was doing all that folding at the tables.......I am definitely overwhelmed by all the info that Poker Tracker can provide so I am going to take it one step at a time......Use it to help me analyze my own game for starters.

I sat down at one $.50/1 table to get started......Around 8:30pm.......I've heard Friday and Saturday nights are SUPER fishy and that definitely was the case with the majority of time 4 or more people seeing the flop with a lot of calling and minimal raising.....there were two other solid players at my table and we simply seemed to stay out of each others way........While getting the feel for the one table I worked on PT and making sure I had the hands being downloaded and read........Once I thought that was working ok I fired up table #2 which was around 9pm.

I played very solid pre-flop and thought I played fairly well after the flop although I definitely need to work on this part of my game......I think I could have gotten another bet or two on a couple of pots I took down and probably called several bets that I should have laid down.

A couple I remember: I flopped the nut flush and was bet into....I raised and was re-raised....I capped the betting when maybe I should have simply called to try and get the extra bet on the turn or river when it was $1. Another hand I had AK in EP and the flop came QJ10.....I bet and was called by 3 others......the turn brought another J......I bet.......was raised.....and instead of calling him down with a paired board I re-raised and he capped it......NOT ONLY THAT........I DID IT AGAIN ON THE RIVER with a blank and he turned over QJ for the jacks full of queens. I wasn't happy with the way I focused sooooo much on my flopped straight and not only couldn't lay it down....but kept raising and capping it. Time will tell if I learned from that one..........I didn't go on tilt which was hard right at first and something that would have happened to me in the past.....I was proud of myself for that anyway.

I ended the night around midnight a total of 20BB down combined at both tables. I still can't believe the number of people who showed down with garbage hands.....busted draws that they called at the river......2nd or 3rd pair.......unbelievable.......

I'm looking forward to more evenings at Empire as well as learning more and more on how to best utilize Poker Tracker.

I'm still getting used to having to play with my monitor resolution set at 1600X900 so two tables can fit at the same time......the mini view at UB was definitely nice for multi-tabling.

If anyone has any suggestions on monitors (maybe a two monitor set-up) or tips for Poker Tracker I'd love to hear them.....Any suggestions, thoughts, or whatever are always welcome from the 2 of you out there that may pop in to read this.......

Thanks....and be safe.