Monday, November 15, 2004

Ring Games

Played around 700 hands over the weekend two tabling $.50/1 on Empire. Overall I finished down about 16BB (that's off the top of my head). I feel I played fairly well for the most part......the table make-up at Empire is definitely different than UB and that's taking a little getting used to. I avoided going on tilt all weekend which is excellent for me and something I am trying to focus on for sure. I am controlling my pre-flop hand selection and looking to maximize my post-flop play....minimizing the mistakes I make here. I can't believe how quickly the bonus gets cleared at Empire compared to UB.......I have almost cleared my full bonus.....another couple of nights (maybe one) and it will all be cleared..........I left a little bit of $$$ at UB for sit-N-go's when I want or need a change of pace......I decided to fire up a $5 sit and go along with my two limit tables Sunday night and won it.........not too bad......

Here's hoping Iggy returns next week from Vegas with full pockets and tons of tales.......I feel an uber post upon his return. Good Luck!