Monday, June 20, 2005

Still Here....

I'm still here but haven't had a chance to play in the last couple of weeks. I played for a couple of hours Saturday night and that was my first online time in several weeks. We were out of town for just under a week and had some out of town guests at the house the other week. It has just been busy since summer hit.

I did make it over to Trump Indiana for some live 6/12 action on Wednesday June 8th and didn't fair as well as the first time. I was absolutely card dead. Should have moved over to 3/6 with my brother-in-law halfway throught the evening. I basically lost back everything I had won the previous visit. We also went to a home game on Friday the 10th.....typical dealer's choice stuff with all the crazy games like B52, 3/5/7, anaconda, bidding wars, 2 of 3, and the such. It wasn't a good night for me as I lost a little over $100 while my brother-in-law won three times that which was nice for him.....although I don't think the guys will let me bring in another out of towner.

I will be playing online tonight.....taking a shot at a quadruple shootout on Stars followed by some ring action on a Party skin if I'm out. I'm playing in a live tournament this Friday. It'll have 500 people split into two sessions of 250 each with 10 coming out of each to play the 2 final tables for the prize money. Top 20 pay with first place being a seat in the main event in July. My brother and Dad will be going as well. We all are playing the 7pm session. I'm taking the family over a day early and staying through Saturday. The hotel has what looks to be a nice little water "park" for the kids so we'll spend Thursday night and Friday there before I head over to the tournament.

In the summer I will post more sporadically as my play becomes just that.....sporadic. I spend A LOT of time with my wife and kids over the summer enjoying things outside and traveling. Plenty of time when the weather turns to log more time at the tables. I will, however, try to get to Trump several times for live action in July so if anyone's up for it in the area let me know and we can meet up.

Til then I've been enjoying the Vegas trip reports and still have a LONG way to go to catch up with all my blog readings. Thanks to HumanHead for remembering my description of the MGM poker room and giving me the shout out on his blog. Wish I had updated in case my hits went up that day....need to check the sitemeter stats.

Til next time.

Baz Out.